Delta Airlines To Combat Jetlag With New Workout Program: 'Sweatlag'
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Delta Airlines To Combat Jetlag With New Workout Program: 'Sweatlag'

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 14, 2018

That extreme tiredness and insomnia you feel after a long flight is what medical experts call jet lag.  And while yes, it’s only a temporary sleeping disorder until your body gets back in sync with your normal time zone, it doesn’t change the fact that jet lag is unpleasant and a nuisance.


Delta Airlines is trying to change that feeling for passengers, however, with a new program titled, “sweatlag.”


If the airlines’ announcement that they are testing a new three-course fancy meal option for those of us flying economy wasn’t enough for you to start side-eyeing other airline carriers, then maybe their new campaign to help combat jet lag will.


Delta has teamed up with Equinox for a workout scientifically designed to beat jet lag that you can try anywhere. Sweatlag was inspired by Delta’s A350 Aircraft, which was designed with amenities such as advanced blue LED lighting, enhanced air quality, and panoramic windows, to help combat jetlag in the air.


Located on Delta’s website, passengers will find four workout videos that include workouts such as lunges, sprawls, planks, and more. The goal of each workout is to increase your heart rate to improve your circulation rhythm, and to boost your energy levels after flights.


According to fitness staff at Equinox, it can take your body up to 48 hours to acclimate both psychologically and physiologically to a new time zone. The best way to expedite the healing process is to perform low-to-moderate intensity workouts.


The sweatlag workout allows passengers to stretch out potential sore spots such as hips, hamstrings, feet, shoulders and neck, and aims to target every major muscle group.


According to Equinox, the workout focuses on three key pillars: mindful mobility moves to warm up, three bodyweight conditioning circuits for the main set, and six stretches to cool down.


Learn more about sweatlag by clicking here.

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