Delta Air Lines Will Be First Brand To Stream Peloton Classes 'In The Clouds'
Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Will Be First Brand To Stream Peloton Classes 'In The Clouds'

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Nov 1, 2021

As you gear up for your holiday travel, Delta Air Lines and Peloton are making sure your flight journey is a little more calm. Said to be the first ‘link up’ of its kind, the US-based airline carrier will be the first to stream Peloton classes outside of the actual Peloton app and portal.

You’re probably thinking, how am I going to do a bike ride in the air?

The fitness brand— known for its energy pumping cycling classes— actually offers an entire network of classes that don’t require the bike. From strength to outdoor walking, yoga and guided meditations, Peloton is a well-rounded fitness app.

For the Delta flights, the brand will host 5 of its guided meditations and stretching classes on the in-flight entertainment portal, including those from popular instructor, Dr. Chelsea Jackson-Roberts. This means, your flights are about to get a little more zen!

In addition to the new partnership with Peloton, Delta will also roll out tons of exclusive TV shows and movies from HBO Max. There will be over 100 new movies, over half of which are new releases, and more than 500 new options from TV.

“A fresh selection of entertainment means customers can catch the latest box-office hits, rediscover an old favorite or stream their favorite tunes when they fly on Delta this holiday season,” said Katie Stuart, Product Manager – Delta Studio.

The new content was hand selected by Delta employees based on trend data that consumers want to see, and the content is updated monthly.

The Peloton meditations and stretching classes will be available starting this month, and will stream into the earlier part of 2022. The same for the new HBO Max content.

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