Deal Alert: Here Are The Cheapest Flights To Nairobi, Kenya
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Deal Alert: Here Are The Cheapest Flights To Nairobi, Kenya

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Sep 28, 2018

Some people describe Kenya’s capital as a city that never sleeps. With more than three million people, Nairobi is an energetic city that offers an amazing array of activities. From wildlife to nightlife, Nairobi is a place that will not disappoint.


Top sights include the Nairobi National Park and the Giraffe Centre.


Visitors to the Nairobi National Park will have the chance to see endangered black rhinos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and more up close.


After your visit to the Nairobi National Park, reserve a ticket to feed giraffes at the Giraffe Centre.


But there’s more to Nairobi than just safari parks. Shop for handmade goods such as sculptures, beaded necklaces, textiles, and more at the Masai Markets.


According to Google Flights, fares to Nairobi are at least $200 cheaper than average for travel this fall and winter.


Here’s how to book a ticket:


From New York:


Flights from New York to Nairobi are among the cheapest found on Google Flights. Round-trip prices for as low as $584 can be found on Delta at the end of November until early December.



Other flights are priced as low as $617 round-trip from November until February of 2019. The only requirement for a cheap ticket price is a one-week stay.



From Washington D.C.


An almost two-week stay in Nairobi from Washington D.C. is priced as low as $646, according to Google Flights. Travel dates for this ticket price are listed from Nov. 27 until Dec. 10.


From Chicago

Tickets are $200 cheaper from Chicago for travel as early as November. Plug in Nov. 12 to Nov. 19 in Google Flights for a round-trip ticket for $764 round–trip.


From Los Angeles

The cheapest tickets to Nairobi from Los Angeles are priced the lowest in December for a more than a two-week stay. Just plug in Dec. 8 to Dec. 24 to find a ticket priced as low as $760 for a round-trip.

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