Meet The Creators Of The Best Day Party Ever: A Global Experience For Professionals
Photo Credit: Best Day Party Ever

Photo Credit: Best Day Party Ever

Meet The Creators Of The Best Day Party Ever: A Global Experience For Professionals

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Dec 20, 2021

The Best Day Party Ever is a premier curation of experiences with the goal of global expansion. The idea behind the movement came from a group of six West African men who connected as young professionals on Wall Street in 2014. The six men, who have branded themselves LBHQ, recognized a lack of environments that allowed up-and-coming professionals in corporate jobs to let loose judgment-free.

“We wanted to create experiences that served to gather together young professionals in spaces where they would be free to network, have fun and be themselves,” they shared with Travel Noire. “We all have different ideas and personalities, but we have a common goal; which is to disrupt the status quo of social experiences in the world.”

They kicked the experience off with their first event in September 2014. Since then, they’ve held hundreds of events globally. The team from The Best Day Party Ever spoke to Travel Noire to share their journey and plans for 2022.

Travel Noire: You’ve mentioned that this is a global movement. Where have you held events? 

Best Day Party Ever: The events are held in New York City, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Lagos, Nigeria. We’ve launched our Road to Sandbox Tour in Brooklyn, New York, next step Lagos, Nigeria, and the upcoming extravaganza finale event in Accra, Ghana which will be our first time in Ghana.

TN: How would you describe the brand?

BDPE: We have a saying that we like to run the brand on, “Trust is built on fairness, transparency, and quality of experiences that LBHQ provides.”

TN: What has been the biggest highlight of your entrepreneurship journey? The thing you are proudest of.

BDPE: Our biggest highlight would be building genuine friendships along the journey. Creating a safe space for professionals to enjoy themselves and still build a professional career without judgment. 

TN: What has been the biggest challenge?

BDPE: Each door that didn’t let us in, the next one opened. We’ve dealt with the prejudice of venue managers that assume successful Africans can be overcharged and miss compensation. That’s something that we feel needs to change and what we plan to use BDPE to disrupt in the US and globally. 

TN: How have the young professionals responded to the experiences?

BDPE: We treat everyone with quality. We pride ourselves on bringing everyone in. Low and high incomes. We always support one another and all of our guests that we let in our experiences. We’re proud to never hear any complaints. 

TN: What can we expect from the brand in the future?

BDPE: We plan to host bigger and better events. More events with beautiful people on rooftops in different parts of the world! We will do events in Dubai, Lagos, Houston, Atlanta, and LA in 2022. You can guarantee us bringing great people together for the coming years.

Learn more about the Best Day Party Ever and the Road to Sandbox on Instagram.

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