Craft Cocktails Near Me: Houston’s Most Creative Drink Menus

By Chef Amanda Jackson


Houston is home to over 10,000 restaurants, so that leaves a whole lot of options for those of us passing through! The city of Houston is home to far more culture than meets the eye, with over its residents speaking some 145 languages.


The variety of establishments is downright baffling. Whether you’re traveling the underground pedestrian tunnels or working from the world’s largest medical center, enjoy a late night libation or happy hour at any one of these amazing craft cocktail bars before you turn in for the night at the Wanderstay Hotel. Cheers Houston!


The Cotton Mouth Club

108 Main St
Houston, TX 77002

@thecottonmouthclub | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Any of the Pinwheeled Old Fashioned variations, Maybe Memphis Maybe Mexico, Be Mice Elf, The Next Big Meltdown, and their very own Cottonmouth Blended American Whiskey


Johnny’s Gold Brick

2518 Yale St
Houston, TX 77008

@johnnysgb | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Hemingway-style Daiquiri, Boiler Maker, Cuba Libre, Loomi Sour, Summer in Goa, and Fruits of Labor


1919 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

@julephou | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Kentucky Club Margarita, Sazerac, Mint Julep, El Diablo, Kiwi Keel Over, Wayward Sailor, Mint Julep, and their signature shareable Champagne Pina Colada

Worcester’s Annex

1433 N Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77008

@worcestersannex | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Cobbler’s Widow, Penny Candy, Royal Blood, Out of Season, Garden Julep, Block Party, Purple Rain, Moon Rabbit, and Trinidad Colada

Present Company

1318 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006

@presentcompanyhtx | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Don’t Tell The Butcher {About the Milk Man}, Stranger Danger, Are Those Space Pants?, Twice Shy, and their dairy-free frozen Irish Coffee

Radio Milano

800 Sorella Ct
Houston, TX 77024

@radiomilanomilanobar | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  The Johnny Fontaine, Old Fashioned, Sidecar, Moscow Mule, Spicy Breeze, and Elderblossom Martini

Pro-Tip:  These seasoned mixologists are renowned for their custom-made cocktails, take a shot in the dark and enjoy!


Wooster’s Garden

3315 Milam St
Houston, TX 77006

@woostersgarden | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Bloody Knuckles, Identity Crisis, Bi-Polar Fiancé, any one of the freshly squeezed Highballs, Starkiller, Mr. Big, and Island Hoppin’


5219 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

@handlebaraustin | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Frida Kahlo, Cheech Marin, Doc Holliday, HB Rum Punch, Bareknuckle, The Handlebar Sidecar, and Aku, Aku Baby

Pro-Tip: Go beyond the bathrooms to find the secret tiki bar that opens at 8:00 pm!

Lei Low Rum & Tiki Bar

6412 N Main St
Ste C
Houston, TX 77009

@leilowhtx | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Tonga Punch, Chai Diver, Coconut Sazerac, Creole Swizzle, Singapore Sling, Planter’s Punch, Hot Butter Banana, and Chi-Chi


1606 Clear Lake City Blvd
Houston, TX 77062

@rosewaterclearlake | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Blue Mai Tai, Richmond Gimlet, Weekend Lover, Southern Whiskey Sour, New York Sour, Spa Day, Rosewater Sour, Pinky Swear, and Aloe, Love


4504 Nett St
Houston, TX 77007

@nettbarhouston | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  American Born Peach Tea, Jack Daniels Tennessee Lemonade, Texas Mule, Rosé Gimlet, The Pallino, Espolon Margarita, and Kir Royale

The Pastry War

310 Main St
Houston, TX 77002

@thepastrywar | Instagram

Can’t-Miss Cocktails:  Mango+Chamoy Mezcal Margarita, Golden Girls, Panchita,  La Dama, and The Pastry War Michelada





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