Black Expat Story: This Couple Paid Off $300K Of Debt While Traveling The World
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Rob and ReShawn Lee in Iceburgs, Argentina

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Rob and ReShawn Lee in Iceburgs, Argentina

Black Expat Story: This Couple Paid Off $300K Of Debt While Traveling The World

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Sep 30, 2019

Rob and ReShawn Lee are 40 something empty-nesters who paid off their $300K mortgage while traveling.

Both were born to teenage single mothers, were first-generation college graduates, and attribute their financial success to the books and podcasts that “educated us without the need to pursue additional degrees.”

As the founders of Learn Hustle Grow, the two are giving back by education people on how to pay off debt while traveling.

Travel Noire caught up with the couple to learn more about how they did it.

Travel Noire: Can you tell our readers the inspiration behind the name Learn Hustle Grow?

Rob and ReShawn Lee: In our pursuit of wealth, we began with the pursuit of knowledge. The more we learned the closer we got to achieving our goals. We were hustling in corporate America but knew that we needed an additional source of income. Our desire to learn and willingness to hustle allowed us to grow leaps and bounds.

TN: What is Learn Hustle Grow? 

Rob and ReShawn Lee: Learn Hustle Grow is both a blog and a vlog. We understand that people learn differently and we want to help as many people as possible to understand money, have healthy relationships and experience travel. We are passionate about money, marriage, and travel! Our YouTube channel allows us to share that passion with family, friends, and followers who prefer to see our faces and/or hear our voices. Our website appeals to people who prefer to read articles and look at photos.

Photo Courtesy of Rob and ReShawn Lee in Sydney, Australia

TN: How did you all pay off your $300K mortgage by traveling?

Rob and ReShawn Lee: We paid off our mortgage by investing in real estate. After paying off our mortgage we realized that there was nothing keeping us from traveling.

We began Learn Hustle Grow Travel in order to help others who might want to take advantage of our experience.

TN: Just reading throughout your blog, it’s clear that you had a plan to tackle debt and grabbing hold of your finances. As a result, how has this helped your marriage?

Rob and ReShawn Lee: It is said that there are a spender and a saver in every marriage. That was certainly the case in our marriage. Having two very different perspectives on money can be a recipe for disaster. Soon after the wedding, we began to fight about money. It’s rare for two people to earn the same amount of money. What seems fair to one person may not be fair to the other. We did our research and discussed our goals. We created a plan that laid the foundation for where we are today. Having conquered money nothing seemed impossible.

Photo Courtesy of Rob and ReShawn Lee in Iceland Waterfalls

TN: It seems obvious, but from your own experience, why do you think the information that you provide readers is important?

Rob and ReShawn Lee: We are the everyday success story you never hear about. We are not celebrities or athletes. We are debt-free forty-something empty-nesters. Rob and I both grew up poor. Although we’re from different places we have very similar stories.  We were both born to teenage single mothers. Prior to the meeting, we each acquired student loans, credit card debt and children in our early twenties. Together we became investors while paying off our consumer debt. Our choices enabled us to leave our corporate jobs and travel the world. We choose to share in order to inspire and educate others who want to pursue their passions.

Photo Courtesy of Rob and ReShawn Lee in Iceburgs, Argentina

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