This Couple Created An Award-Winning Liqueur Inspired By Haiti
Photo Credit: Courtesy of LS Cream Liqueur

Photo Credit: Courtesy of LS Cream Liqueur

This Couple Created An Award-Winning Liqueur Inspired By Haiti

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 18, 2019

For Haitian-Canadian couple Miriam and Stevens Charles, it was simply the norm to see family members whipping up batches of kremas during holidays and special gatherings. The drink consisting of nutmeg, cream, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla, and pure grain alcohol was something that their grandmothers and aunts would spend hours in the kitchen making. It was a major part of Haitian culture.

Around 2013, the couple realized that this renowned recipe could not be found for purchase anywhere and you had to know someone that could make it themself.

So, they set out to create the recipe to be sold in stores.

“I didn’t have a background in the spirit industry, but I researched everything I needed to know to build the brand and start the business,” Stevens Charles told Travel Noire.

Courtesy of LS Cream Liqueur

In 2014, LS Cream Liqueur was born. The first sample of the recipe was prepared and sent off to Las Vegas for a major spirit tasting competition where it received the gold medal. The brand went on to win several other top awards as well.

“This was the turning point for us and we knew we had a great product on our hand,” Stevens said.

After winning the gold medal, officials in Haiti caught wind and made a personal request to have the brand come to the country to promote. While spirit laws are different in Haiti, the brand was able to get placement in a few chains and a major hotel on the island.

Courtesy of LS Cream Liqueur

LS Cream works with suppliers who try to source the vanilla, sugar, and nutmeg from Haiti.

“We want the world to see Haiti in a better light. When one of us does something well, it inspires others to follow. We figured it was time for a Black-owned cream liqueur. Everyone has had a bottle of Bailey’s in their home and we want to tap into that market.”

As of today, the spirit can be found in over 200 points of sale across New York, Miami, and Canada. It can also be purchased online via the brand’s website and shipped to 33 states.

Courtesy of LS Cream Liqueur

In 2020, the couple plans to produce more of the drink after selling out during releases over this past year. The recipe is gluten-free, kosher friendly, and contains less sugar than most products on the market.

“We don’t want this to just be a wave,” Stevens said. “We want to inspire the next generation and show that it is possible to have success.”

To learn more about LS Cream Liqueur or to purchase your bottle, you can visit the website You can also find them on Instagram: @lscreamliqueuer or Facebook: LS Cream Liqueur.

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