Meet The Couple Bringing Hope On Wheels To Their Homeless Neighbors
Photo Credit: Photo by Timothy Montais Photography

Photo Credit: Photo by Timothy Montais Photography

Meet The Couple Bringing Hope On Wheels To Their Homeless Neighbors

Charlotte , United States
DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 3, 2020

Sadly, 2020 has been a rough year for people all around the world. The global pandemic has caused millions to lose their jobs, and sadly even lose their homes. But, there are some amazing people in the world stepping in to lend helping hands.

Charlotte couple Emmanuel and Adrienne Threatt, used their resources to create Hope Vibes, Inc. aka “hope on wheels.”

“This could easily be a reality for any of us,” Emmanuel Threatt told Travel Noire. “We’re not that much different and at the end of the day, they are our neighbors. It is important to provide love, hope, and encouragement during someone’s hardest life moment.”

Photo by Timothy Montais Photography

The couple has also been actively involved in serving Charlotte’s homeless community for a while. After speaking with those in need, they found that clean bathrooms and a place to wash and dry their clothes, was of most need. Through their own research, they found that they could provide both in a mobile truck, that could set up literally anywhere across the city.

“Here in Charlotte there’s no real access to laundromats in uptown, where most of our homeless neighbors are.

After purchasing the truck in July 2019, Emmanuel and one his close friends set out to build their Hope Tank concept. The men were able to complete about 60-70% of the build using their own skillsets. From there, he contracted Shadow 1 Painting and Drywall to complete the rest.

Photo by Adrienne Threatt

In November of this year, Hope Tank rolled out onto the streets of Charlotte for the first time.

Hope Tank is quite the pleasant surprise when you step inside. It has been transformed to resemble a home with two full bathrooms. The couple also hired local muralist Frankie Zombie to create custom artwork throughout, in hopes that it will bring even more joy to those who step in.

On the back of the truck, is a full-service laundromat with washers and dryers.

“We created the Hope Tank to be an intentional moment of retreat,” Adrienne said. “Nobody expects it to look like this, it’s like stepping into a completely new environment.”

As of now, the Hope Tank goes out once a week to set up for the day around Charlotte. They reserve the first week of each month for deep cleaning and sanitization of the truck, too.

“Our ultimate goal is to come up with creative exit strategies to lead our neighbors out of their current situation, and into more stable living environments. We hope to start in Charlotte, and then take it all around.”

To volunteer on the Hope Tank, or to support the mission and cause, you can find more information at You can also follow on Instagram at: @hopevibesclt.

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