Over Winter? 5 Countries Where It’s Summer Right Now

By Shontel Horne


For those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere that are currently dealing with a frigid winter, the first day of summer (June 21), seems like it’s a lifetime away. After the winter holidays have passed, it’s tough to face the chilly temperatures enthusiastically, and it seems like we’re just counting down the days until spring and summer arrive.

While we sort through the sweaters, boots and jackets we need to pile on to brace the cold weather, our pals in the Southern Hemisphere are right in the middle of their summer, enjoying sunny days and warm temperatures that most of us are only dreaming about. If you can’t wait until June 21 and want to soak up the sun this winter, visit one of these destinations and summer will be just a plane ride away.

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Durban, South Africa

It’s hard to compete with a city as beloved as Cape Town, but the eastern coastal town of Durban, South Africa is beautiful in its own right, boasting sports venues, theme parks, nature and gorgeous beaches that are a surfer’s dream.


Tasmania, Australia

Australia’s only island state is a must if you want to go on a wilderness adventure this February. The terrain is rugged, Tasmania has some of the best wilderness reserves on the planet, and even with lively towns like Hobart, Tasmania is one of the few places in the world that is accessible yet devoid of complete urbanization.

Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is currently in the middle of their summer months, which run from December 22 to March 21 in 2018. Head to Auckland, the country’s largest city, to visit gorgeous national parks, natural caves and beach retreats like Waiheke Island.


Montevideo, Uruguay

Head to Uruguay between December and February to enjoy the country’s pleasant summer months. See a show at Teatro Solís, one of the largest theatres in South America, visit one of the many beaches along Rambla or near Old Town, and even though it’s warm out, be sure to try the country’s famous yerba maté tea.

Southern Chilean Patagonia

There’s no better time than right now to head to the south of Chile. A trip to the Southern Chilean Patagonia to visit Torres del Paine National Park offers views you will likely only see once in a lifetime, and there are towns like Punta Arenas on the Strait of Magellan for those that want a bit of city life. Best of both worlds!

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