Coronavirus Shmonavirus: Millennials Are Taking Advantage Of Cheap Flight Deals Despite Health Scare
Photo Credit: David Prado | Canva

Photo Credit: David Prado | Canva

Coronavirus Shmonavirus: Millennials Are Taking Advantage Of Cheap Flight Deals Despite Health Scare

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Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Mar 11, 2020

While the threat of Coronavirus may have put a halt on travel plans for some, others are taking advantage of the extremely cheap flight deals being offered by airlines in an attempt to regain customers.

With domestic flights starting at $25 and international flights as low as $100, many are finding these deals too hard to pass up — even if it means risking their health.

Capri Nicole, 27, who saved $200 on a roundtrip flight from Atlanta to Connecticut to see her sick grandmother tells NBC News, “There’s sicknesses everywhere. I could get a disease today unrelated from the virus.”

“If I die, I die,” she adds.

Capri is not alone. Many young people on social media feel just like her. Burdened with the stress of work and school, Coronavirus actually looks like a blessing in disguise. It’s a chance to take a necessary getaway without breaking the bank.

20-year-old Ashley Henkel lives in California’s Central Valley but has already booked Summer trips to Vancouver, New York, and Portland, thanks to the drop in airline fares.

She tells NBC News, “I feel like if the coronavirus would get even more serious and like wipe out a large amount of people, I might as well be somewhere having fun.” 

Looking to fly from Los Angeles to Lima, Peru this Spring? Interjet Airlines has deals on Skyscanner for as low as $181 roundtrip in April!

Sky Scanner
Sky Scanner

What about New York to Puerto Rico? Flights to San Juan are as low as $90 over the next few months.


Flight schedules have scaled-down as more and more people are canceling their travel plans. People over 60 and those with chronic illnesses or immune deficiencies have been urged to cut down on non-essential travel. The CDC’s warnings have led to airports that are nearly empty. However, some travelers are seeing this as a plus.

Others don’t believe the risk is worth the reward.

Will you be playing it safe or are these travel deals much too tempting?

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