Things You Should Consider Before Moving Abroad

Expat life? Yes please. In today’s episode with Travel Noire’s Founder & CEO, learn what you should consider before you decide to take the leap into expat life. 

When you’ve finished the video, tell us below if you’re thinking about taking the expat plunge, what you’re doing to turn those dreams into a reality or if you’re already an expat, what are some things you’d want other people to consider before moving abroad?

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  • Reply December 16, 2014


    I think it’s definitely important to manage your expectations before you take the leap. A lot of people assume that finding a job overseas will be a piece of cake. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Imagine the job market in the U.S, then factor in the fact that you’re not a citizen and your grasp of the local language may or may not be so great. To be honest chances are slim. Some assume that there are plenty of jobs for people who want to teach english. That may be the case in Asia but not so much over here, and the few english teaching jobs that are here are snagged up pretty quickly by the other anglophones who had the same thing in mind . I think it’s very important that people who are considering the expat life plan ahead and really look into job prospects BEFORE they head over AND also save up a few months worth of bills in the case that finding a job proves more difficult than imagined. If possible I also suggest getting a transfer from an American company, it’s better to just have to focus on learning about your new country than to stress about that AND being able to afford necessities like food and rent.

    • Reply December 29, 2014


      Great points Bay. I have considered living aboard, but have found the job search to a be a bit difficult (still at it though) – I have realized you have to stand out from others, that’s why I especially loved TN video on ‘maximizing your skills to find work aboard’. A great advice I got was seeking employment in an international organization so that you can move more freely. Again, great points and thanks for sharing.

  • Reply December 17, 2014


    Cost of living was definitely my top priority. Food was #2! And if you have portable income and might consider staying longer than 3 months, I’d factor in the visa situation. I need a country that easily lets me extend my stay (or at least overlooks visa runs). That’s why I’m headed to Malaysia.

  • Reply December 23, 2014


    Great advice, especially about the part that people you left behind won’t necessarily be pro-active about keeping in touch with you. So true. Doesn’t make them bad, but life really does go on with or without you.

    Great advice.

  • Reply January 1, 2015


    These are great tips and I am so ready to take the expat plunge. I have considered the cost of living so building my financial wealth or gaining a financial opportunity are necessary steps before I go. Since I am an artist and designer, I can carry these skills abroad which is also a plus. Currently, I am making connections/building friendships with people from the particular country which I would like to live as well as learning the language. I think another important tip is to remember that you are going to another country meaning the culture will not be the same as home. This is a part of the adventure and life journey process, so limit the amount of comparisonitis that seems to consume some folk. Nothing will ever be like home so it is best to find the jewels of your chosen destination and live it up.

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