This Company Lets You Rent Equipment To Take Your Vacay Pics To The Next Level
Photo Credit: Courtesy of BoxedUp

Photo Credit: Courtesy of BoxedUp

This Company Lets You Rent Equipment To Take Your Vacay Pics To The Next Level

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Mar 2, 2020

These days, it’s all about getting the perfect shot, especially while on vacation. But for some people, purchasing the equipment to do so isn’t economically feasible.

Maryland native Donald Boone came up with the idea to create a content creation equipment rental company to help anyone wanting to take their digital creations to the next level, even while on a budget.

Courtesy of BoxedUp

BoxedUp is what Boone describes as the “Airbnb of equipment rental.”

“Whether it’s renting a drone to take pics on your vacation, using our cameras to start your travel vlog, or recording your first podcast, BoxedUp can help,” Boone told Travel Noire.

How it works

Simply go online, select your dates and equipment, and they will have it shipped straight to your door. Once you’re done, box it up and ship it back using the included prepaid return label and you’re all done. 

“We eventually want people to be able to use BoxedUp to rent anything, but for now, our content creation equipment has been the most popular.”

Courtesy of BoxedUp

BoxedUp keeps cost-conscious people in mind so the prices are pretty competitive. Drones start at $35 per day and cameras start at $49 per day. They even offer kits that include everything for less than $65/day. All prices include shipping and insurance.

To keep up with the company follow them on social media at @tryboxedup. If you are interested in renting equipment you can visit the website:

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