Comedian Gives Viral Hilarious Recap Of Recent Frontier Airlines Duct Tape Incident
Photo Credit: @the_real_spark| Instagram

Photo Credit: @the_real_spark| Instagram

Comedian Gives Viral Hilarious Recap Of Recent Frontier Airlines Duct Tape Incident

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Aug 6, 2021

Earlier this week, we reported that 22-year-old Ohio resident, Maxwell Berry, was arrested in Miami after allegedly sexually assaulting two female flight attendants and punching a male counterpart, while aboard a Frontier Airlines flight. A flight attendant had to duct tape him to his seat to protect other passengers.

Since Tuesday, Berry’s disturbing encounter has made its rounds across Beyoncé’s internet, and has spawned a now viral recap from comedian James Bates, aka ‘The Real Spark.

Bates took to Instagram to give a hilarious rendition of the incident— although the real encounter was very sad— as he played the guise of flight attendant Alfredo Rivera, who ultimately used the duct-tape on Berry. And to be clear, Bates was not actually on the flight nor is he a flight attendant— but his story is very believable.

So much so, the now viral video has been seen with the caption ‘Flight Attendant Gives Recap To Frontier Airlines Incident.’

Bates starts the comedic short by fusing a local news clip of the incident with a cut to him being “interviewed” by the station about his experience that day.

“Now understand something, I’m a flight attendant, that means I attend the flights,” Bates said with a very convincing look. “Sometimes our job has us attending to crazy people. If you push too far, you will have to attend to this ass whooping!”

The Louisiana-based comedian, who also describes himself as a plus-sized male model in his Instagram bio, goes on to give the play-by-play that led to him stepping in to duct-tape Berry to the seat. Describing his wrapping technique as a sort of mummy like presentation, or even a perfectly wrapped present on Christmas Day.

But, not before explaining that Berry “smelled like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, 4 shots of Everclear alcohol, and regret,” which tipped him that something was about to go down.”

He ends the recap by assuring people that Berry will not be on anymore Frontier Flights after that.

According to ABC6, Berry has been charged with multiple counts of battery and was detained when the flight arrived in Miami.

This isn’t Bates’ first time giving a funny recap of a viral or trending topic. His more than 75,000 Instagram followers (and countless TikTok fans), appreciate his ability to tell stories in a way that will have you laughing for days.

You can watch Bates’ full video below.

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