In a bid to elevate the excitement of college football season, United Airlines has unveiled plans to introduce 127 new nonstop flights. Each catering to die-hard fans eager to support their favorite teams in action-packed games across the nation. The announcement, made on Aug. 14, builds on last year’s success. Over 50,000 enthusiastic fans chose United Airlines as their preferred mode of travel to iconic college football destinations, according to the company.

The airline’s commitment to offering a travel experience takes a twist this year as United Airlines joins forces with USC Trojans quarterback and reigning 2023 Heisman Award recipient, Caleb Williams. The partnership marks a strategic move to capitalize on Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) agreements, setting the stage for a collaboration that will resonate with college football enthusiasts.

Supporting College Football Fans

Patrick Quayle, Senior Vice President of Global Network Planning and Alliances, expressed the airline’s dedication to fostering a top-tier travel experience for customers. He emphasized that this commitment extends beyond global journeys to encompass supporting fans in their quest to rally behind their cherished college football teams.

“Uniting the thrill of travel with the passion for college football, we are delighted to unveil a thoughtfully crafted schedule for this season that not only simplifies fans’ journeys but also enables them to rally behind their teams on the road,” Quayle said.

As part of the synergy between United Airlines and Caleb Williams, the talented USC Trojans quarterback will take center stage in the airline’s advertising and social media campaigns. Football aficionados can anticipate glimpses of Williams across various United Airlines’ promotional materials, with an additional treat of his personalized posts on his social media accounts.

“There’s nothing like the energy you get from seeing the fans in stands and hearing them cheer you on during a big rivalry game, whether that’s at home or on the road,” Williams said. “I’m excited to collaborate with United Airlines to help spread the news of these special college football flights so fans from all over the country can experience that energy first-hand.”

Cities Included

  • Sept. 2: Tennessee State University @ University of Notre Dame
  • Sept. 3: Louisiana State University @ Florida State University
  • Sept. 9: University of Texas-Austin @ University of Alabama
  • Sept. 9: University of Nevada, Las Vegas @ University of Michigan
  • Sept. 9: University of Cincinnati @ University of Pittsburgh
  • Sept. 9: University of Notre Dame @ North Carolina State University
  • Sept. 16: Northwestern University @ Duke University
  • Sept. 16: University of Washington – Seattle @ Michigan State University
  • Sept. 23: Ohio State University @ University of Notre Dame
  • Sept. 23: University of Arkansas @ Louisiana State University
  • Sept. 23: University of Mississippi @ University of Alabama
  • Sept. 23: University of Iowa @ Penn State University
  • Sept 23: University of Oklahoma @ University of Cincinnati
  • Sept. 30: Louisiana State University @ University of Mississippi
  • Sept. 30: University of Notre Dame @ Duke University
  • Oct. 7: University of Arkansas @ University of Mississippi
  • Oct. 14: University of Southern California @ University of Notre Dame
  • Oct. 14: University of Arkansas @ University of Alabama
  • Oct. 14: Louisiana State University @ Auburn University
  • Oct. 14: Ohio State University @ Purdue University
  • Oct. 14: University of Iowa @ University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Oct. 21: University of Tennessee @ University of Alabama
  • Oct. 21: Penn State University @ Ohio State University
  • Oct. 28: University of Pittsburgh @ University of Notre Dame
  • Oct. 28: Ohio State University @ University of Wisconsin
  • Nov. 4: University of Notre Dame @ Clemson University
  • Nov. 4: Louisiana State University @ University of Alabama
  • Nov. 11: University of Michigan @ Penn State University
  • Nov. 11: University of Pittsburgh @ Syracuse University
  • Nov. 18: University of Georgia @ University of Tennessee
  • Nov. 18: Wake Forest University @ University of Notre Dame

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