Chile Becomes First Latin American Country To Trial 'Digital Health Pass' for American Airlines
Photo Credit: American Airlines NAACP

Photo Credit: American Airlines NAACP

Chile Becomes First Latin American Country To Trial 'Digital Health Pass' for American Airlines

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Dec 1, 2020

Chile tourism leaders are teaming up with American Airlines to make entering the country easier.

Just weeks after Chile officials announced opening the country’s borders to international traveler, following an eight-month shutdown, the government will partner with American Airlines to test a digital health pass known as VeriFLY.

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The new mobile app is designed to help travelers understand coronavirus documentation requirements and securely store and display their test results digitally.

American Airlines says it’s the first U.S. carrier to provide customers traveling to South America with a convenient at-home testing option through LetsGetChecked.

Starting Dec. 7, customers traveling between Miami International Airport and Santiago, Chile, will have the opportunity to test the new solution, free of charge, by creating a secure profile and confirming their trip details. The app can be utilized on both ends of the travel journey for seamless verification. The app was initially available for customers traveling to Jamaica.

“It is incredibly valuable that airlines are innovating with new technology to adapt to the demands of a new way of doing tourism, helping encourage the reactivation of international travel, especially at a time when Chile is opening its borders,” said Andrea Wolleter, National Director of Chile’s National Tourism Service (SERNATUR).

Since American announced its preflight COVID-19 testing program with LetsGetChecked in October, the airline has continued to expand customer access to its at-home testing partner, which is now available for all of the carrier’s flights to Belize, Grenada, St. Lucia, and the Hawaiian Islands.

“As we continue to reopen travel throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, we have been looking for ways to simplify our customers’ travel experience. Our preflight testing program and our recently launched mobile app trial are essential tools that will help our customers return to the skies,” said Juan Carlos Liscano, Vice President of Operations for Miami, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

American says it will also expand COVID-19 pre-testing to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Starting Dec. 9, American will be the first carrier to offer preflight COVID-19 testing to flights from the U.S. to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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