Black CBD Cocktail Bar Owner Dishes On All Things CBD
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Holly Rodriguez

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Holly Rodriguez

Black CBD Cocktail Bar Owner Dishes On All Things CBD

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Apr 25, 2019

Holly Rodriguez is the owner of Max and Lola Bodega in Charlotte, North Carolina. She wanted to give people easy access to CBD products at affordable prices, while also properly educating them on its benefits.

Before opening her shop, Holly worked in the healthcare industry. She started using CBD to help with sleep issues and now stands by the products 100 percent.

We sat down with the Bronx native to learn more about CBD, the products she offers, and how it differs from actual marijuana.

Photo courtesy of Holly Rodriguez

Travel Noire: What led you to the CBD industry?

Holly: I was working for Carolina’s Healthcare for almost 10 years and needed a change. My idea initially was a wine and beer shop. I was already taking CBD but after doing more research, I realized that more people could benefit from it too. I wanted to give people a way to physically see the products as opposed to ordering online and not really knowing what they were getting.

TN: What exactly is CBD?

Holly: CBD is a chemical compound of the cannabis-sativa plants. If you have a female only plant, it will produce THC as a result of not being germinated. That is your marijuana plant. If the plant is mated with a male plant, that’s when THC is low and you get higher CBD. CBD is simply a compound. THC is also a compound. Each compound has different properties as far as the effects it has.

The big difference is that THC is still illegal in most states, while CBD is legal everywhere.

Photo courtesy of Holly Rodriguez

TN: How is CBD legal?

Holly: The Farm Bill allowed this. Hemp was legal to use for fabric and rope, more industrial purposes. Now it is legal for consumption. Essentially, CBD is hemp when it is mated.

TN: What do people typically use CBD for?

Holly. The biggest thing people use it for is sleep. A lot of CBD products have melatonin in them as well. After that, anxiety and pain. My mother had to undergo cancer treatments and it helped a lot with her nausea. Many pregnant women even use it to help with nausea.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

TN: Which method of consumption is best and what is a proper dosage?

Holly: If you’re going to take it daily, I recommend 50 mg. Anything less than that, you really aren’t going to see the benefits. That’s pretty easy to do. The best way to consume it is to inhale it via joints or even vaping. You will typically feel the effects within 30 minutes. If you aren’t comfortable with smoking, you can use oils or edibles, but it will take longer to feel the effects.

It can take a few days to feel the effects from using oils or edibles. However, every one is different and every body absorbs it different. You just have to find what works best for you.

Photo courtesy of Holly Rodriguez

TN: Is there a limit on the amount a person can consume before it has negative effects?

Holly: The most I hear people take is 3,000-4,000 mg per day. That is usually cancer patients or people with chronic pain. The average person is taking only 100-200 mg regularly. But I haven’t heard of any negative effects as of yet.

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TN: Can you explain the different strains?

Holly: Sativa strains tend to help with energy and focus. I refer to it as a natural Adderall. If it’s hard for you to sleep, you don’t want to take this at night. There are hybrid strains as well. People take this when they want a middle ground. Finally, there are indicas. This is more for relaxation.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

TN: Who all can use CBD products?

Holly: Anyone can use CBD. I have an employee who gives it to her 9-year old grandson for seizures. I give it to my dogs for anxiety and joint pain. My 73 year-old mother uses it every day as well. The whole family can take it. It’s a natural product so it’s not limited to one set of people.

TN: Where can we find you online for more questions:

Holly: We are on Instagram or our website.

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