Chinese Airline Admits To Monitoring Passengers Through Their TV Screens
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Cathay Pacific

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Cathay Pacific

Chinese Airline Admits To Monitoring Passengers Through Their TV Screens

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Aug 7, 2019

Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong airline, was recently named amongst the world’s best and has now revealed shocking information regarding their passenger’s privacy.

The airline is recording activity on their passengers while inflight by using it’s entertainment systems and video cameras.

Cathay is also documenting how passengers spend their time during flights by recording their usage of the entertainment systems.

A spokesperson for Cathay Pacific told CNN Travel: “In line with standard practice and to protect our customers and frontline staff, there are CCTV cameras installed in our airport lounges and onboard aircraft (one camera, positioned near the cockpit door) for security purposes.”

They also shared that “all images are handled sensitively with strict access controls. There are no CCTV cameras installed in the lavatories.”

Privacy concerns were spread earlier in 2018 when multiple airplanes admitted that cameras were installed in their entertainment systems. Singapore Airlines, Emirates and American Airlines all said they had no intentions to activate the cameras.

Cathay’s privacy policy states their collection of passenger data is designed so the flying experience can be improved and personalized. The policy also says the recorded data could be shared for marketing purposes with third-party partners.

Their privacy policy states: “We will retain your Personal Data for as long as necessary.”

This isn’t Cathay’s first controversy when dealing with digital privacy — the airline had a data breach that affected nine million passengers in October 2018.

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