Best Baked Goods in the Delaware Water Gap

Spending time in the Poconos, primarily in the Delaware Water Gap, I was told by locals that experiencing the fresh baked goods is a must. It’s a pretty rural town with an abundance of fresh produce. In the center of town and throughout the Delaware Water Gap area, Saturdays and Sundays are all about the farmer’s markets. […]

Kimberley Richards

Road Trip!

Selfies in front of the Taj Mahal. Sitting on Australian cliff sides. Lounging in a hammock in a serene lush green Bali forest. While jetsetting to exotic locations can beautiful, let’s not overlook our old friend, the road trip! Whether you’re taking a long weekend to reconnect with family and friends or planning a romantic getaway […]

Tammie McGee

How to do New Orleans in 72 Hours

Cities like New Orleans or Miami are known to be popular with weekenders. They boast a vibrant party scene and a lax drinking culture that attract young partygoers. Birthdays, bachelorettes, or holidays like spring break and Mardi Gras are prime reasons for booking a trip these places. But what happens when the spring breakers are […]

Yayne Hailu

Serenity in New York State

At first, you don’t notice the subtle change in scenery; your senses are dulled by the whizzing of oncoming cars, stalled traffic, the fading in and out of radio stations and mental conversations about “what, if anything, will change while I’m here.”   It takes you a moment to notice the deep caverns of green […]

Mya Annan

7 Things to Do in Poconos Delaware Water Gap

If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, away from the daily grind, the Poconos is a great place to unwind and recharge. As someone who lives and works in the city, this trip was the perfect weekend break. I compiled a list of top seven things to do in the Delaware Water Gap for an […]

Kimberley Richards

7 Hidden Gems of New York City

From Times Square to the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City has a lot to offer a traveler. But the true beauty of the city is hidden in long forgotten alleyways and over looked neighborhoods. For those who seek to experience a New York that many have never heard of, check out a few of these […]

Yayne Hailu

Exploring Nerai in Midtown New York

Every month, I get a text from a friend saying, “My hotel is near Times Square, where should I eat in Midtown?”  In recent months, I’ve added a handful of spots to my between 42nd and 59th Streets rolodex. Yes, indulging from the big apple’s food trucks are a must, but dining inside a fancy […]

Nicole Taylor

24 Hours in Savannah, GA

The haunting beauty and charm of Savannah, Georgia is not meant to be reduced to a day. From its sweeping oaks adorned with garland-like Spanish moss to its immaculately squared off patches of history and legends scattered about as points of reflection throughout the city, the air of Savannah is one that thickly lingers long […]

Khadijat Oseni

Top Things to Do in Portland

For a long while, Portland, Oregon was a city I overlooked.  I always thought of Seattle and Vancouver when I considered visiting the Pacific NW.  After winning free tickets to go anywhere in the contiguous U.S, I knew I wanted to go as far away from my place in Washington, D.C as possible, so my […]

D Williams

Buka: Brooklyn, New York

I don’t remember exactly when or where I heard about Buka, a Nigerian restaurant in Brooklyn, but I made a mental note to myself that the next time I visited New York, I would make it a point to have a meal there. Fortunately, I was in New York recently for a business trip so […]

Andrea Bediako

5 Bahamian Phrases You Need to Know

While everyone has their own set of criteria about where they will travel, we all inevitably choose a vacation based on our knowledge (whatever capacity) of the language or the lingua franca. Now I know where you think I’m going with this, yes, a lot of us are well versed in French, Spanish, Dutch, German,Portuguese, […]

Artlyn Mali'o

Top 10 Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard!

I had the pleasure of revisiting Martha’s Vineyard this summer after 25 years.  This island is just so lovely! Martha’s Vineyard is located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and if you’ve never been, please put it on your list. The weather, the people and the food make it the perfect place for a summer […]

Nadeen White

Horseback Riding to Aquarries Waterfall

It was our third day in Turrialba, Costa Rica and on the agenda was a 3 hour trek by horseback to Acquarries Waterfall and back. Girls going global was the reason I was there an amazing non-profit that I was more than happy to volunteer with as a chaperone, their mission was to explore inner […]

Ruby Melton

A Taste Tour of Portland

Random last-minute trips without any planning seem to take you on the most amazing adventures. Within ten days of booking a flight and then stepping out of PDX International Airport, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. A Chicagoan landed in the state of Oregon without any true expectations. For the next seven days what […]

Barea Victoria

Seafood Heaven In Martha’s Vineyard

If you love seafood then you are aware that one of the places to eat the best seafood, is in New England. Once there make your way over to Martha’s Vineyard which is an island located south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The seafood is abundant, fresh, affordable and best of all delicious! Here are my […]

Nadeen White