Mexican Staycation

When you live in a beach town like me, it’s often easy to forget that the beach is there. Work and responsibilities seem to get in the way of the sounds of the waves, and the next thing you know, you haven’t dipped your toes in the ocean for months. Living on the Oaxacan coast, […]

Raychelle Heath

Six natural wonders along the Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is a geographical treasure and nature lover’s paradise. It’s a massive segment of limestone said to have been born out of the same asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. The Yucatan peninsula’s most famous destination is Cancun. Full service resorts in the city ensure travelers never have to leave their […]

Joke Karibo

Traditional Chinese Tea in NYC

In a city like NYC, you expect to find everything you could ever want right under your nose. If you’re itching for the vibes and tastes of Latin America, you can go to Jackson Heights. Want to connect with sounds of the Jazz era, then head to Harlem. Craving Greek-head downtown. But until now, there […]

Hannah Tall

Top African-American Owned Bed and Breakfasts in New York

When you are in the Big Apple to take your bite, a posh space at day’s end that has all the comforts of home will make your stay a true treat. Whether you decide to stay in the heart of the city or on its outskirts, lodging in one of the few–but hailed–African-American owned bed and breakfasts […]


The World Cup: Passion. People. Pride.

“You have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable; it’s the only way to grow…” -Jeroson Williams In May 2014, Taylor Harris and Jeroson Williams stepped off the commencement stage of Morehouse College onto a one-way flight to Peru. Leaving their degrees and luxuries behind, the pair set out for what would soon become […]

Nia S. Vaughn

Sleeping On Ice: Hotel de Glace

Nestled on the outskirts of Old Quebec City lies a unique hotel that will no longer exist by April. That’s right. The hotel will, in fact, become a mere puddle of water in three months. This is Hotel de Glace, the only ice hotel in North America. I was very fortunate to not only visit […]

Natacha Pierre

24 Hours in Recife Brazil

Close your eyes (but not really so you can read the rest of this post). Take a deep breath. Exhale it slowly. As you do, let the sway of the tall coconut palm trees lining the street loosen any sense of obligation. Let the vibrant murals of street art transform your thoughts of worry into […]

Sage Nenyue

Saturday at the Pearl Brewery, San Antonio, Texas

Sometimes a business traveller has simply got to get out of the hotel. Recently, I attended a super conference in San Antonio, Texas. The hotel was ideally situated on the famed River Walk. However, after 2 days of 7 am -7 pm meetings and evening socials, I needed just a couple hours in the fresh […]

Patricia A. Patton

Olivier’s – A New Orleans Creole Tradition

Recently I was called to New Orleans for a last minute trip. As many of you know, New Orleans has a rich history of architecture, culture, and cuisine – specifically of the French Creole persuasion. The Creoles of Louisiana, who are of French, Spanish, African American, and occasionally Native American descent, have specifically created  a specialize […]

Alicia Fort Anir

Breaking Bad in Albuquerque

When I stepped off of the plane in Albuquerque, it was my second time visiting the Southwestern city. I just knew I had to return after a work trip took me there a year earlier and opened my eyes to the beauty of this region of the US. I arrived at night, when the city […]

Kaycee Brock

Alone on Easter Island

The 3 days I spent on Easter Island included one of the most moving experiences of my life.  On my day of exploration, I chose my interactions carefully and had successfully avoided buses full of guided tourists bearing fanny packs and water bottles. I set out from my hostel that morning with only a rough […]

Angel Chung Cutno

12 Hours in New York City

So you have decided to spend a day or two exploring the Big Apple, or maybe your transnational flight left you with the dreaded extended layover or 12 hours in New York City. Rather, you have a friend who recently or not so recently moved to New York City and has graciously allowed you to stay […]

Udodi Okoh

The Perfect Weekend Getaway to San Juan, Puerto Rico!

If you are looking for a quick, fun, relaxing and warm location to get away for the weekend definitely consider San Juan Puerto Rico. There are many conveniences to this destination. It is a US territory so no passport is needed, English is spoken everywhere, you can use US currency and there are several NS […]

Nadeen White

Surf’s up! Great Places to Learn to Surf

There are those out there who think people of color don’t surf, especially black women.  This notion is not only false, but more of us are becoming interested in the sport.  Our hair issues aside, black women are just as capable to rip and curl as the next guy.  I know firsthand the feelings of exhilaration […]

D Williams

Inner Peace- East Coast Wellness Getaways

When most people think of a wellness getaway they think of a warm destination at the beach or even the desert, like my favorite place Sedona. Usually the east coast doesn’t top the list but there are some awesome getaways for those of us who want to relax and rejuvenate but not travel very far. Here […]

Christen McCluney