11 Photos That Celebrate Travel And The Beauty Of Black Friendships

Solo travel is an incredible way to experience the world and learn more about yourself, but there’s something special about being able to explore destinations with your best friends and favorite family members. Getting a group together for dinner can be tough, so it’s no surprise that getting all of your friends on board for […]

Shontel Horne

Michael Strahan Debuts New Luggage Collection

Michael Strahan is known for many things. He’s a former athlete, family man, media personality, and has impeccable style. JCPenney agrees and has partnered with Strahan to produce a new line of sleek, stylish carry-on bags and suitcases. A post shared by michaelstrahan (@michaelstrahan) on Nov 19, 2017 at 12:38pm PST Released just in time […]

Travel Noire

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For People That Love To Travel

What do you give the avid traveler that has everything? Shopping for people that love to travel comes with a unique set of challenges. Every traveler has different needs and travelers have to be extremely efficient with the items they bring along on their adventures. Durability is a must when it comes to travel essentials, […]

Shontel Horne

10 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Skin While Traveling

One of the perks of working in the beauty industry (besides all of the free products) is learning about skincare. Below are some easy tips that have helped me take care of my skin during my travel journey. 1. Wash 2x a day! This one seems like a no-brainer, but when traveling you can get […]

The Traveling Fro

Bed Jackets: Why They Are Necessary For Travel

If you’re anything like I was, you may be wondering, what in the world is a bed jacket?  The name basically describes it. It’s a lightweight yet comfy and warm jacket you wear while in bed. It was used back in the day on patients in hospitals. Mothers who had just given birth and any […]


How to have a Parisian Staycation in NYC

As the famous words often attributed to Audrey Hepburn go, “Paris is always a good idea.” Being the self-professed Francophile that I am, I constantly have a daily dose of wanderlust for Paris, which is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world. However, the luxury of time or budget isn’t always on my […]

Khadijat Oseni

A Lesson in Chinese Fashion

Going abroad and visiting other countries opens up a world you may have never imagined. You get to try new and exotic foods, meet kind new people, ride in strange vehicles and even walk hundreds of miles while reveling in the beauty of another country. What if I told you those are not the only perks […]

Fedorah Philippeaux

DIY Hair

Traveling without your favorite salon and you’re running out of ideas? Why spend loads of money having your favorite products sent to you? You have everything you need minutes away… Here are a few tips on becoming your own stylist. Establish a set routine for your hair regimen Use locally grown ingredients from your neighborhood […]

Travel Noire

Work, Play, Vacay

In this video, we show you what you should pack for a weekend getaway, complete with a 20% code for ANY item at Lo & Sons at the end of the video!

Travel Noire

Black Girl. Long Sari.

Ladies, if you’ve never experienced the joy of wearing a sari, you’re missing out.  Big time.  Growing up in Queens, I appreciated the unique style in ethnic diversity.  East Indian saris fascinated me the most.  The vivid colors, shimmering accents and exquisite fabrics were simply incredible.  Each piece masterfully accented a woman’s curves in a […]


In Your Bag: Travel Essentials

No matter when or where you travel, there are a list of comforts to consider to make travel as enjoyable as the time spent at your destination.     Beauty/Skin Care Protectants: Cooler months in most countries can wreak havoc on the skin, making travel sizes of moisturizers lifesavers.  Whether you enjoy luxe brands or […]


Instinctive Style

I come from country people. We are resilient, kind, and most of all—resourceful.  Creativity is a way of life, right down our style of dress.  If you couldn’t buy it, you made it.  If it was overpriced, you grew it yourself.  In my veins run the blood of a country boy from Jamaica and a […]


South Africa Slim Down

“Hello? Hello Miss? Are you still there?” I shake my head vigorously and attempt to focus on the noise spilling out of the other end of my phone. Did I just hallucinate the last thirty seconds of this conversation? “Miss, did you understand what I explained?” Immediately, my heart begins to race and my palms […]

Modupe Sonuyi

My Trip to the Morrocan Souks of Jamaa el Fna

Africa, Senegal, Obama and Black Tina Turner (nobody informed me that Tina Turner wasn’t black anymore), were just a few of the names I was called as I navigated the Souks of Jamaa el Fna. On my third foray into the massive maze-like souk, all I needed to hear was ‘My Wife’ to know I was on the […]

Travel Noire

I Love Your Hair

In America, the growing popularity of natural hair could be considered a movement – one that has garnered support from various blogs, major television personalities, books and even movies. Although, I’m surprised that our tresses continue to receive this much attention, I’m always more flattered when my natural hair garners attention overseas. When traveling abroad, […]

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