5 Reasons to Hike in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania

One of the biggest draws to the Poconos for travelers and vacationers, are the outdoor activities. Whether it’s renting a cabin with a group of friends in the winter for a thrilling ski trip, or kicking back by a peaceful lake in the summer, the fresh outdoor scene is definitely inviting. The hiking scene in the […]

Kimberley Richards

5 Ways to Travel More Without Quitting Your Job

It seems every week there’s another story of someone who quit their job and flew off to some far corner of the globe to spend the next decade, or the rest of their life, “on vacation.” As tempting as those stories may be, they can also be unrealistic, overly idealistic and sometimes dishonest. Many of […]

Wanderlust Simply

How to Quit Your Job and Move Abroad

We all dream of that moment: the day when you gracefully hand in your two weeks notice and decide you’re going to quit your job, follow your dreams and move abroad. Shortly after graduating from college I was living in New York City, working with a company that I loved and making over 55K a […]

Sienna Brown

Mexican Staycation

When you live in a beach town like me, it’s often easy to forget that the beach is there. Work and responsibilities seem to get in the way of the sounds of the waves, and the next thing you know, you haven’t dipped your toes in the ocean for months. Living on the Oaxacan coast, […]

Raychelle Heath

Travel Blogger Confession: My Fear of Flying

I was six weeks old when I took my first flight from New York City to Kingston, Jamaica. I remember is spending a lot of time during my childhood hopping on planes between Jamaica, New York City and South Florida. I took countless flights and collected multiple stamps on my first passport. To celebrate my […]

Nadeen White

Why I Love Backpacking

I think many people have misconceptions about who backpackers are and what we do. The stereotype in America is that backpackers are a bunch of aimless, dirty hippies camping beachside in a Scooby Doo van. In reality, backpackers come from a myriad of different backgrounds–from kids taking time off before starting college to families doing […]


Why Traveling Solo is Different from Traveling Alone

I just returned from a rejuvenating Hawaiian vacation, which served its purpose of recalibrating my mind, body and soul after a stressful graduate school semester. I ate traditional island dishes, parasailed 700 ft above the ocean, ran along majestic beaches and soaked up the Hawaiian sun. Throughout my stay, I met an array of locals […]

Candace Doby

Travelanthropy and the Power of the Black Missionary

As we entered the KMP Church School situated in the heart of Bangalore, capital of the Indian state of Karnakata, we were met with gleeful squeals and greeted with warm hugs by the young students. The children were all beautiful varying shades of brown, neatly dressed in bright blue and yellow uniforms, brimming with enthusiasm. […]

Patricia Tibere

Travel is Our Heritage

In 2012 I found myself in tears as I slowly descended into Cape Town, South Africa’s airport. I was arriving in Africa for the first time and somehow, despite weeks of planning, the magnitude of being a young black woman traveling alone had escaped me. My first glimpse of the motherland rang in my mind as […]

Aundrea Gregg

The World Cup: Passion. People. Pride.

“You have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable; it’s the only way to grow…” -Jeroson Williams In May 2014, Taylor Harris and Jeroson Williams stepped off the commencement stage of Morehouse College onto a one-way flight to Peru. Leaving their degrees and luxuries behind, the pair set out for what would soon become […]

Nia S. Vaughn

Overcoming Hiccups in Your Trip

Traveling is an exciting and memorable time when you have the chance to do it. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you finally book that trip. How you’re always aware of the calendar date as you’ve been counting down till you leave for your trip since you hit the purchase […]

Erin Douglas

A Little R&R in the Desert

I made a pact with myself about 5 years ago, that every birthday I would take a trip. Being a firm believer in using precious moments to enjoy what I love, travel is absolutely on the top of that list. I began to come up with a short list of places within a road trip distance […]

Aja Williams

When the Foreign Faces Resembled Mine

When I was a child, I had the great fortune of traveling and living overseas. The cultures I’ve seen and people I’ve befriended have been amazing. But I must confess that it wasn’t until I was an adult that I had the chance to travel to a location where the majority of the faces looked […]

Shameka McDowell

“Calling Standby Passenger…”

When people discover that my mother works for a major airline, the first question they ask is, “Does she have any buddy passes she wants to sell?” Followed by “..why aren’t you out of town every weekend? If I had your hookup, I’d never be home!” My mother has been employed by a major airline for […]

Brittany Walters