The Best Subjects: People

Being a black traveler means that most times, people are staring at you. Some people might hate that, and on occasion, so do I. However, there are times where it has allowed me to capture some amazing photographs. My name is Afiya and I’m a professional people watcher. Every time I return home from a […]

Travel Noire

The Ethiopian Spirit

“I chase my aspirations, in an attempt to quench my thirst for exploration. Suddenly, God reveals the peace to be found in contentment.” Last year I embarked on a life-changing mission trip of giving in Ethiopia with a group of truly inspirational and visionary individuals. We set out to explore the beautiful city and people […]

Travel Noire

Traveling While Black

I grew up in the Southern region of the United States. Contrary to popular perception, race was not a pervasive part of my Southern childhood. In fact, I never really thought much about it until I left for college. I attended Louisiana State University, a predominantly white institution in Baton Rouge, where I was often the […]

Travel Noire

Vietnamese Smiles

The most remarkable thing about the Vietnamese are their unwavering smiles. In all of my travels, I have never known people to be so happy, so often. Despite any hardships, circumstances, how or where they live, they smile. Is this a sweeping generalization? Absolutely. But in my experience, the people of Vietnam are extremely pleasant […]


Black And In China

Having lived overseas and being integrated  into my school in Belgium as a child, I would say I am a veteran at confronting race issues abroad. Despite these experiences, nothing could prepare me for China. Bare in mind that China is a closed state and as such, they don’t get many outside visitors. Don’t get […]

Fedorah Philippeaux

Lessons from the Road

It’s not everyday that you meet a man with a camel…let alone a Gary Dourdan (circa “That’s the Way Love Goes”) look-a-like whose camels are named Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. But, in a tucked away passage of a sloping Moroccan medina, I met such a man. Younes the Berber enlightened me with a few […]

Travel Noire

When in Rome: Lessons in Language

Picture yourself as a tourist in another country. Rather, allow me to paint you a picture. A tourist from another country visits an english speaking country and needs simple directions to their hotel. The exchange between them and that local can be quite unpleasant and uninviting if basic phrases aren’t understood. As native english speakers, […]


The Red City of Morocco

I started day dreaming about Morocco earlier this year when I heard from multiple sources how charming and eclectic this North African country was. Marrakech is considered one of the most popular cities in Morocco, with two cities — the old medina, as the ancient walled Arab metropolis is called, and Guéliz, the name given to the […]

Travel Noire

Travel Smart: 5 Scams To Avoid

When planning a trip, it’s so easy to get caught up researching local attractions and fun activities—but there is more to planning a trip than visits to tourist attractions. Scam artists prey on the starry-eyed tourists who let their guard down and often play on the traveler’s kind and trusting nature, desire to save on […]

Danielle Pointdujour

Dreaming of Seville

Seville, Spain is the most handsome city I’ve been to. After four days of exploring its narrow pathways, strolling the grand avenues, and getting lost in conversation with its residents, “handsome” seemed the most fitting description I could drum up. At first glance, beautiful was the word that came to mind. That seemed to describe […]

Travel Noire

Belgium: A Hidden Gem

The small country of Belgium, bordered by The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France is well-known for its high quality chocolate and its Belgian Waffles. What is rarely spoken of however, is the hospitality and generosity of its people. Having lived there for five years, I can honestly say that the people of Belgium are among […]

Fedorah Philippeaux

A Trip of a Lifetime

On December 24, I embarked on the journey of a lifetime. I traveled on the Jagriti Yatra, an annual 7,500 km chartered train ride that takes highly motivated young Indians, as well as a few international participants under 25 years old, on a 15-day national odyssey to meet with and learn from entrepreneurs who have […]

Zim Ugochukwu

Be That Beautiful

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson I spotted an interesting post in the Expat Women of Color Facebook Group a while back. This group is designed to educate and provide resources for women of color who desire to […]

Tammie McGee

Why We Travel

  One of the most introspective pieces on travel. This is a repost of the original article featured in Salon. By Pico Iyer ‘We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We  travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. […]

Zim Ugochukwu

Five Minutes in India

Zim Ugochukwu