How One Day In Bahrain Made This Traveler View the Middle East Differently

I once held the ignorant belief that Middle Eastern countries were all similar. I thought that they were all countries with desert locales, all holding on to archaic and outdated interpretations of Islam much like Saudia Arabia. I was wrong. Each individual country holds a wealth and art, history and tradition that has withstood the test […]

Alicia Fort Anir

Off The Beaten Path In Canada’s Wild Yukon Territory

Photographer Jared Hail shares his journey through Canada’s Yukon territory.  When you mix adventure and creativity in travel, you never know what you’re going to get. I craved a new frontier, but I knew I didn’t want your typical weekend camping getaway. I wanted the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path kind of destination. Being […]

Jared Hail

5 Vegan-Friendly Cuisines Around the World

When it comes to vegan travel, no two countries are alike. In some destinations, vegan and vegetarian dining is code for wealthy, first-world folks with money to spend. In other places, the idea is so foreign that you find yourself famished at the end of the day, puzzled by how hard it is to find […]

Chantal Blake

Cappadocia: A Stay To Remember

As the hubby and I sat down by the computer to book our 6-night getaway we were faced with travelers dilemma: where to go, how much to see and what to do. I knew from early on that I wanted to visit Turkey.  The hubby had already been to Istanbul without me and his stories had […]

Cynthia Andrew

Jerusalem To Tel Aviv | An Enriching Journey Through Israel

A blend of faces coming from Africa, Europe and beyond welcome travelers to Israel. The country is full of beauty in both small towns (like Akko, Narahiya and Shlomi) and large cities (like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa). Each of these places are easy on the eyes; you’ll find yourself looking at beautiful coastlines, stunning beaches […]

Bianca Malata

48 Hours in Muscat

Tucked in the corner pocket of the Arabian Peninsula lies a quiet sultanate of which most people are unaware. This oasis cannot claim the tallest skyscraper or the largest shopping mall in the world, but it possesses a natural beauty that no manmade luxury can contest. Visitors from all over the world are increasingly meeting […]

Chantal Blake

Flying Etihad Airways: What You Need To Know

  I recently returned to the United Arab Emirates for a quick vacation with friends. My first trip to Dubai two years ago was a solo one and thus this recent adventure was a welcome opportunity to experience the tiny Muslim nation again, but this time with company. The reason for the return – the Christmas […]

Nicole Grimes

A Free Ride to Dubai

This Christmas, thousands of people snagged remarkable deals to South Africa, the UAE and the Philippines with a glitch fare we published. If you’re headed to Abu Dhabi, but want to hop over to Dubai, Etihad has free coach service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai or Al Ain. As per their website: Etihad Airways Economy […]

Travel Noire

A Free Night in Abu Dhabi

If you’ve got Abu Dhabi in your upcoming travel plans, Etihad has got you covered. You can enjoy your first night free and get a discounted rate for a second night! The only catch is that you have to stay a minimum of two nights and it only applies if your final destination is NOT Abu Dhabi or Dubai.  This […]

Travel Noire

10 Essential Arabic Phrases

Traveling throughout the Arabic-speaking world can be intimidating. Squiggly curves and dots in the place of letters and numbers make reading street names and road signs a challenge. Even when you ask for directions, unfamiliar guttural sounds and clicks distance this Semitic tongue from Anglophone languages. If you don’t have the time or interest to […]

Chantal Blake

Live in the Moment: Sky Dive Dubai

I received a phone call from my mother asking that notorious, and quite rhetorical question at 5AM, “Son, are you sleeping?” I simply replied, “No mom, I’m sky diving!” Visualize free falling for 60 seconds at 130 MPH as your adrenaline increases, your heartbeat races, and your only visual is the luxurious man-made islands, The […]

Nate Chambers

Signature Style: St. Regis Abu Dhabi

When you travel as much as I do, hotel stays can become one big, blurry memory.  However, there comes a time when a hotel makes an impression you know will last a lifetime.  As a proud luxury hotel lover, St. Regis Hotels have been on my hotel bucket list for quite some time, yet a chance […]

Danielle Pointdujour

Discovering the Natural Side of Dubai

Dubai has long been considered one of the world’s most beautiful and progressive cities. I have lived in Dubai for over two years and I have still yet to conquer all of the city. I can say, without shame, I have not ventured over to The Palm. Bur Dubai is a complete mystery to me […]

Travel Noire

Myths of the Middle East

If I had a dime for every negative comment I received after purchasing my trip to Dubai, U.A.E, I could build an empire. “Girllll, uh uh thats too far,” “Isn’t that in the Middle East ?,” “You can’t do anything over there, you have to be completely covered to go outside,” “Where is that? That’s […]

Barea Victoria

The Luxe Life: Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

In less than 30 years the United Arab Emirates has gone from desert oasis to a bustling futuristic metropolis synonymous with luxury.  If your mind can dream it, the U.A.E. can make it a reality.  The city of Dubai alone is home to record breaking and breathtaking sights such as the World’s Tallest Building, the […]

Danielle Pointdujour