Bay Area Eats: Treats for Gluten Free Foodies

Are you gluten free and visiting the Bay Area?  Don’t fret, there will be many options for you to choose from.  I’ve lived in the Bay Area for roughly six months now and have discovered a handful of great restaurants and cafes that quickly climbed to the top of my personal favorites list.  Lucky for […]

Travel Noire

Experience Local Food In Vietnam

One of the most incredible ways to experience a new city is through the local food.  So naturally, during my most recent travels through Southeast Asia, I found myself eating my way through the beautiful cities of Vietnam.  My trip began in the wonderful city of Hanoi, more specifically at Highway 4 Restaurant.  Highway 4 […]

Travel Noire

Acadiana Restaurant Crawfish Boil

As a native Texan living in Washington, D.C., I frequently miss the food and traditions of home.  So I was particularly happy to spend a recent Saturday enjoying a bit of hometown food and culture with a crawfish boil.  If you are a Louisianan (or Houstonian) then you know exactly what this is all about. […]

Jessica Belle

Spitbank Fort : A Luxury Dining Experience

source: Spitbank Forts Not many people know about this place. On the coastline of Portsea Island lies the secrets of The Solent.  I got to spend the day exploring one of the secrets. The shores of Southsea on Portsea Island can be somewhat chemeleonic. Being part of the U.K., it does not escape from the ever-changing weather, but […]

Bianca Malata

New York: The World In One City

On any given Saturday, I sometimes find myself traveling from Greece through India to China and back. How? Well, by jumping on the subway. I don’t need a passport or a plane ticket; I just need a MetroCard, some money and my appetite. That’s New York City for you — the world in five boroughs. […]

Tausha Cowan

Christo Restaurant, Egypt

The Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza, left me repeating, “Wow, wow, wow”. After riding a camel and shooing off bloody hustlers, I was overdue for lunch and my Pronto Tours guide was leading the way. Christo Restaurant (10 Pyramid Road Giza, Egypt) is located 12 miles outside of Cairo and their fare took my […]

Nicole Taylor

A Taste of Haiti in Miami

A group of girlfriends and I were desperate to escape the extended D.C. winter, so we decided to take a weekend trip to Miami to enjoy some sun, warm breezes and get a preview of what spring would eventually bring.  For our first dinner in town, we decided to explore the cuisine of the large […]

Andrea Bediako

The Art of Tea

As evident by Oprah’s recent collaboration with Starbucks, Westerners have recently sparked a renaissance with the cash crop known as tea, by capitalizing on America’s increased demand for efficiently served elixir varieties.  The centuries old practice of partaking of tea has a relaxed feature and importance in social and business meetings, making the art of […]


The Drunken Munkey NYC: British Indian Cocktails

I live in Brooklyn and traveling outside of Manhattan’s largest borough is sometimes like going through customs at the airport. The birthplace of rapper Notorious B.I.G has a slew of water-holes fit for a king but nothing beats an excuse for an uptown jaunt—The Drunken Munkey NYC . Located in the Upper Eastside neighborhood, The […]

Nicole Taylor

The Joys of Sticky Rice

I love Japan. I love the culture, the sights, the sounds. I even like the way it smells! After an extremely long 13-hour flight, most people would be tired and just read to hit the sheets, allowing jet lag to take over.  Arriving back in Japan for the first time in months gave me life. […]

Alicia Fort Anir

Finding the Heart of the City: Istanbul

My life is planning. I’m a graduate student studying urban planning. Understanding the importance of a well-planned city and creating a vision for the future is my job. That is why each day I read literature, write papers, and think about how to create plans for the future growth of cities. Yet, in my heart […]

Travel Noire

Eat, Drink and Travel…Gluten Free!

For people living with gluten allergies something as simple as choosing a meal can be stressful and in extreme cases mean the difference between life and death.  It also means that when traveling people with gluten allergies have to be uber aware of everything they put in their mouths, which can suck the fun out […]

Danielle Pointdujour

A Taste of the Best: Puerto Vallarta’s Café des Artistes

Almost immediately after stepping into the warm, tropical air that greeted me in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I began to hear word-of-mouth praise about the delicious wonder that is Café des Artistes. Beyond the praise, there was an insistence from locals to fellow foodies back home that this was the restaurant that I simply could not miss […]

Travel Noire

Trying the Same City Twice: San Juan Edition

After weeks of trying to decide which city we would visit for our annual family vacation this year, the matriarch decided on San Juan, Puerto Rico, again.  Although I adore this charming American island, I was hoping to place my feet on unfamiliar soil (well, in this case, sand). “Surely we can pick a city […]

Travel Noire

Caramel Restaurant & Lounge

Enveloped by the opulence of The Collection, Caramel Restaurant & Lounge in the St. Regis, has quickly become Abu Dhabi’s newest hot spot.  With warm brown and caramel hues setting the mood and a fire and ice themed menu Caramel definitely aims to please.  The secret ingredient to Caramel’s success lies within the flavors of […]

Danielle Pointdujour