5 Tips for House Sitting Abroad

When I first read about house sitting, I thought it was too good to be true. Can a person really visit hundreds of places, both domestic and abroad, without paying a dime for accommodations? Yes. I have house sat throughout Europe. I’ve enjoyed month long stays in England, and I was invited to a house on […]

Amirah Cook

Sleeping On Ice: Hotel de Glace

Nestled on the outskirts of Old Quebec City lies a unique hotel that will no longer exist by April. That’s right. The hotel will, in fact, become a mere puddle of water in three months. This is Hotel de Glace, the only ice hotel in North America. I was very fortunate to not only visit […]

Natacha Pierre

How To Haggle With Confidence

In many parts of the world, haggling is a way of life however this dance can sometimes feel offbeat for Western travelers. If you’ve ever felt a tinge of hesitation towards this two-step, fear not! Here are some tips to help bargain your way through any marketplace like a pro! LOOK THE PART The art of haggling […]

Khadijat Oseni

Solo Travel: Eat, Pray, Love in Northern California

How do you feel about solo travel? Have you ever done it?Although I have been fortunate to have many friends and family who love to travel as much as I do and have been great travel partners, in 2011 I was at a crossroads in my life. My Mother had passed away from cancer and […]

Nadeen White

Our Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Travel Noire’s Last Minute Holiday Guide  1. Wacaco has released Minipresso, a hand powered portable espresso machine that you can bring with you anywhere you want. You don’t have to kiss goodbye to your daily caffeine just because you are far from home, this little device makes sure that you get to enjoy hot, delicious espresso […]

Travel Noire

4 Reasons Why Parents Should Travel

People tend to look at adventure travel from a pretty narrow scope. Backpacking through Europe, couch-surfing across the U.S., and hostel-dwelling in the Caribbean—that pretty much covers ​the major ones, right?​ For the slightly less risky experiences​, you’ve got resort ​vacations, wellness ​retreats, or Caribbean cruises—those are the big ones, right? Noticed that most of […]

Akilah S. Richards

12 Hours in New York City

So you have decided to spend a day or two exploring the Big Apple, or maybe your transnational flight left you with the dreaded extended layover or 12 hours in New York City. Rather, you have a friend who recently or not so recently moved to New York City and has graciously allowed you to stay […]

Udodi Okoh

Top 5 Things To Do In A Rainforest

Rainforests praised for their lush landscapes of beautiful trees and flowers. Here are just a few ways to enjoy them: 1. Snorkeling: Consider a day tour that includes a cruise and snorkeling. Snorkeling provides a way for you to exercise and view marine life up close and personal. 2. Scuba Diving: Enjoy the plant and animal marine […]


Surf’s up! Great Places to Learn to Surf

There are those out there who think people of color don’t surf, especially black women.  This notion is not only false, but more of us are becoming interested in the sport.  Our hair issues aside, black women are just as capable to rip and curl as the next guy.  I know firsthand the feelings of exhilaration […]

D Williams

Savoring Singapore’s Melting Pot

Singapore is the type of place where it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a Mosque, a Buddhist temple and a Hindu house of worship, all within one block. This varied cultural and religious presence is rooted in the city’s origins, going back to when the British colonized the city-state and established it as a flourishing […]

Glynn Pogue

5 Quintessential Tips for Parisian Tourists

Have you been spellbound by Paris and its array of Haussmannian buildings? The sentiment is mutual. Despite no longer being the most visited metropolis in the world, Paris has not lost its touch. Its exudation of romance, artisanal boulangeries and street accordionists have fueled curiosities around the world and enthralled many to ditch their barren […]

Steffy Fogain

I Left My Heart In London

I’ve always had an obsession with London, since the age of five. I would watch all the British movies and shows that I possibly could. I studied their history, listened to their music and felt right at home. As the years went by my urge to visit London increased, particularly after the 2012 Olympics. That is […]

Larry Williams, Jr.

Overcoming Hiccups in Your Trip

Traveling is an exciting and memorable time when you have the chance to do it. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you finally book that trip. How you’re always aware of the calendar date as you’ve been counting down till you leave for your trip since you hit the purchase […]

Erin Douglas

7 Must-Have Experiences in South Africa

South Africa is one of those places that, once visited, sticks with you long after you’ve left; leaving its mark in ways you didn’t anticipate. Whether it’s the people, the culture, the scenery or some combination of all of the above, there is something about the country that compels you to want to explore more. During […]

Tausha Cowan

Inner Peace- East Coast Wellness Getaways

When most people think of a wellness getaway they think of a warm destination at the beach or even the desert, like my favorite place Sedona. Usually the east coast doesn’t top the list but there are some awesome getaways for those of us who want to relax and rejuvenate but not travel very far. Here […]

Christen McCluney