Two Days in Amsterdam

When people think of Amsterdam there are usually only a few things that come to mind. However, there are so many other wonderful reasons to visit this unique Dutch gem. After having spent several months in London I waited until the last-minute to book a trip to one of the must-see places on my list. With […]

Ahyiana Angel

The Grand Mosque of Paris

During my stay in Paris, I decided to venture into arrondissements that I hadn’t yet been acquainted with. Thanks to the prevalent social media, I had stumbled upon a photograph of The Grand Mosque of Paris and thereupon, I made it a mission to cross it off my bucket list. It could be perceived as ignorant […]

Steffy Fogain

The Mouthwatering Food of Portugal

People travel for many reasons.Music Festivals. Family gatherings. St. Patrick’s. Oktoberfest. Dance Festivals. History. Love. Breakups. Immigration stamps. Terminal love. Souvenirs. I travel for many of those reasons too, especially travel stamps. There are a few things in life that fill me with as much happiness as opening my passport and reliving my trips. Now, […]

Ruky Okotcha

5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Santorini

Every once in a while I travel to a place that looks as though I’ve stepped into a postcard. I walk off the plane, exit the airport and emerge into a destination that’s just as vivid and drop dead gorgeous as the glossy rectangular images sold at airports and tourist shops. The island of Santorini […]

Tausha Cowan

48 Hours in London

There are many reasons to find yourself in the European epicenter at the conclusion of the summer; maybe you have an extended layover in London on your way to the coast of Croatia. Perhaps you are flying into Heathrow to catch a quick train to Amsterdam, or perchance like me, you were twiddling your thumbs […]

Travel Noire

Eclectic Barcelona

Prior to the planning of this trip I didn’t know much about Barcelona. However, thanks to Google, by the time the trip rolled around, I was ready to explore the beautiful city. I wanted to climb to the top of Parc Guell and explore every surface designed by the great Guadi. After a long but relaxing […]


How to Live Abroad on a Budget

Before leaving the States one year ago, my plan was to travel around Europe for a few months, then go back home, and save up for the next summer; but something was different this time.  A few weeks into my trip I decided to stay in Spain permanently, and my 6 month go-for-broke partying budget […]

Travel Noire

Top Ten Activities in Paris

Paris is the world’s most visited city, with some 70 million tourists visiting each year. The French capital is home to 2.2 million people in its city-centre, and almost 12 million within the metropolitan area. Paris is located in the northern region of France, with the river Seine flowing right through the heart of the […]

Travel Noire

Wanderluxe: Valentino vs. Mykonos, Greece

Since as long as I could remember I’ve always had this special gift. The older I’ve gotten, the stronger my gift has become. I’ve battled with this ability for years finally coming to the realization that this is just who I am. Well, what’s this gift? No matter where I am or what I do, […]

Travel Noire

Give the Gift of Travel!

It’s graduation time! Before immersing yourself in your new gig or to show your congratulations to graduates for all of their hard work, present yourself or graduates with the gift of travel.  The top post-graduation getaways enjoyed by students according to airlines, hotels, and tourism departments are hot spots within the Caribbean. Jamaica for example, […]


Life As An Expat in Spain

“Yo….uh….me….gusta….tu lengua!”  I spat out in a slow unsure rhythm.  I think I said that the right way.  Yo means I, gusta means like and tu lengua means your tomatoes right?  Oh no!!!  Lengua means tongue!  Crap.  I just said that I like his tongue.  Awkward. I peer around the room and a few people laugh, while others […]

Travel Noire

Italia Is For Lovers

  I had only just met him a few weeks prior, but I couldn’t resist when he offered to take me to Italy to meet his family.  Although, I was perplexed, I agreed with a shoulder shrug and an indifferent, “Sure.”  Notorious for dating foreign men who have problems communicating their thoughts in English, I […]

Travel Noire

Carefree in Lisbon

Of all the great countries I have had the pleasure of visiting, more than once I might add, Portugal has become my “lazy holiday.” There was no set itinerary to go exploring, take tours, what museums or restaurants to hit. Nope, just get off the plane and see where my spirit takes me. Know what […]

Ebony Simon

Hostels in Europe

When I traveled Europe I stayed in hotels, apartments through Airbnb, and hostels. Hostels are a great alternative to traditional accommodations. They are also an excellent way to save money, travel comfortably and meet new people.  So if you’re thinking about planning a trip to Europe, check out these reviews on the hostels I stayed in […]

Danait Kidane

The Ice Age: Reykjavik, Iceland

As I sat at work, staring hopelessly at the clock, during one of those dreadful Friday mind-numbing meetings, I thought to myself, “Could this day drag on any longer?” My mind raced around in circles thinking of everything under the sun. Half way through the meeting, I received an email from my beloved friends at Travelzoo – […]

Nate Chambers