The World Is Mine

I’ll never forget my first trip abroad.  It was a family summer vacation to St. Maarten.  I was a moody teen whose only priority was to be on the beach.  Otherwise, my poor mom would be subject to an all day screw-face. On that trip, I made friends with a goat and played Hide-And-Go-Seek in […]


5 Reasons To Add East London To Your Itinerary

Planning a trip to London? If so, have you ever considered visiting Shoreditch or Hoxton? Many people around the world aspire to visit to London, but when they do, their wanderlust seems limited to the popular areas of Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Portobello road. One place that should be high on your list when you visit […]

Bianca Malata

Membership Has its Benefits

We were picked up at the airport and escorted to the Intercontinental Bali. We stepped out of the vehicle to a train of warm greetings from the staff. As we walked through the grandiose lobby welcomed with contagious smiles; we truly felt like we were coming home. The check-in process was near seamless.  We then walked through […]

Zim Ugochukwu

Six natural wonders along the Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is a geographical treasure and nature lover’s paradise. It’s a massive segment of limestone said to have been born out of the same asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. The Yucatan peninsula’s most famous destination is Cancun. Full service resorts in the city ensure travelers never have to leave their […]

Joke Karibo


Travel Noire

Exploring Playa Del Carmen with Tacos on My Mind

When I found out I would be going to Mexico for a wedding, the first thing I thought of was the food. I knew the area of Mexico I would be traveling to wasn’t exactly known for its food or having the “best”, such as Oaxaca or Mexico City, but I was determined to find […]

Erin Douglas

Paris by Sweet Tooth: A Tour of Paris’ Best Bakeries

It’s been over two years since I quit my job and moved to Paris. (Details about that here for those who are interested). And a good part of the time I’ve spent here so far has been dedicated to discovering some of Paris’s most delectable treats! For those who like to enjoy a city’s sweeter offerings, […]

Antonia Opiah

Top Things to Do in Naples & Capri

Summer is roughly three months away; it’s never too early to start thinking about where you might jet off to during the busiest travel months of the year. If you think a hot Mediterranean getaway might tickle your fancy this summer, I’ve got just the destinations for you. Last summer, I hopped aboard a short […]

Antonia Opiah

An American In Cuba

Going to Cuba has always been on my bucket list. When I was backpacking around the world, I frequently ran into Canadians who had been and gushed about it. When, I wondered, would the US government ease restrictions on Americans traveling to this fascinating island? In 2011, 51 years after the initial embargo was placed […]


Why Everyone Should Visit Granada, Spain

I was having a bit of a quarter-life crisis. As my social media timeline flooded with photos of babies and weddings, I considered doing something that I could do just because I was completely unattached…travel! I booked a ticket to Spain to visit my friend who moved abroad due to her own need for something new. […]

Kaycee Brock

Five Reasons to Visit Oslo

When I shared the news that I’d be traveling to Oslo, Norway, my excitement was met with skepticism. While half of my friends questioned my ability to tolerate cold climates, the other half quipped I would return penniless, as Oslo is infamous, second to Geneva, for being one of the most expensive European cities. Upon […]

Moraa Onyonka

Culinary Masterpieces in Bali

Take one step into the jungle oasis of Viceroy Bali & you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into an extremely lush paradise. It was 9 am. After taking some time to soak in the views on our private balcony, we made our way to Cascades restaurant. After sitting down at the open air restaurant and admiring the blissful views, I […]

Zim Ugochukwu

Top Places to Visit in Canton de Vaud, Switzerland

This winter has no end in sight! Spring might be right around the corner but Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. So why not break out one last time and make the most of this wondrous snowy season? Need any helpful hints? Look no further than Canton De Vaud, Switzerland. This destination will have you […]

Modupe Sonuyi

Best New Restaurants in Charlotte

Charlotte may not receive as much attention for its dining scene as U.S. cities like Houston, New York and Washington, DC, which boast top-notch restaurants owned by celebrity chefs. But the Queen City, as residents affectionately call Charlotte, has some culinary gems worthy of their own spotlight. These new restaurants are slowly helping make Charlotte […]

Jessica Belle

Jerusalem To Tel Aviv | An Enriching Journey Through Israel

A blend of faces coming from Africa, Europe and beyond welcome travelers to Israel. The country is full of beauty in both small towns (like Akko, Narahiya and Shlomi) and large cities (like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa). Each of these places are easy on the eyes; you’ll find yourself looking at beautiful coastlines, stunning beaches […]

Bianca Malata