Viewing the Northern Lights

As a lifelong native of New York City, I’m often amazed at everything the City has to offer. Skyscrapers color the skyline and pierce through clouds, often defying the laws of gravity. The bustle of New Yorkers and the fact that every city-goer has a real appreciation for time, energizes me. However, the same qualities […]

Gaston Depusoir

The Portuguese Coast: Lessons in Self Care

Self-care is a part of our wellness ritual that often falls by the wayside in an over-scheduled, hyper-connected world. We are often too busy taking care of everything and everyone around us that we forget to take time for ourselves. That’s where travel comes in: it punctuates our experience with the visceral world, offering perspective […]

Latham Thomas

5 Ways to Travel More Without Quitting Your Job

It seems every week there’s another story of someone who quit their job and flew off to some far corner of the globe to spend the next decade, or the rest of their life, “on vacation.” As tempting as those stories may be, they can also be unrealistic, overly idealistic and sometimes dishonest. Many of […]

Wanderlust Simply

Experiencing Cartagena Like a Local

Reminiscent of the Caribbean, Cartagena stands firmly, surrounded by the lively street chatter and vibrant colors that have delighted and enchanted visitors for centuries. The city, nestled between the Caribbean Sea, historical walls, and impenetrable tropical heat, offers something special for every kind of traveler – authenticity. After landing in Cartagena with my girlfriend, we set off to the […]

Jason Flores

5 Insider Airport Tips

Working for an airline has its advantages. One of the best perks is obviously free flights, but another is getting to see the mistakes passengers make and being able to pass on that information. As an airline employee I have learned a few insider tips that I want you to benefit from, so here are […]


A Journey Around the Amalfi Coast

The “Bey Hive” may have just been singing along back in 2006 when Beyoncé’s “Upgrade You” came out and Jay-Z smugly flowed: “It’s humorous to me they watching//We just yachting off the island hopping off//Amalfi coast,” but as the Black Travel movement speeds on its way, we have all been ‘upgrading’ our choice destinations. There’s […]

Anne, the Voluptuary

A Hidden Gem: The Atlantic in Byron Bay

If you’ve ever heard the famous expression “if you hate Beyoncé, we can’t be friends,” then you now have a bit of an insight into my personality. But in all seriousness, that expression perfectly sums up how I feel about Byron Bay. I love every area of Australia but Byron Bay is one of the […]

Kilee Hughes

How to Eat Like a Local in Montreal

“There are three things you need to eat when visiting Montreal: poutine, bagels and smoked meat.” Ann Marie, my food tour guide and a lifelong resident of Montreal, ticked off the three items with her hand before leading the way to the first stop. Over the next several hours, we sampled our way across six local establishments in […]

Tausha Cowan

A Luxurious Retreat in Bal Harbour

Simply stated, the Ritz Carlton in Bal Harbour is unparalleled. This is something that I discovered within the first 10 minutes of walking through doors. At first glance, the property itself is a beautiful haven of oceanfront elegance, unwavering taste, and seductive amenities that would attract any type of traveler, and more specifically me, who […]

Kimberly Wilson

5 Things You Must Do in Rome

For many years, I dreamed of visiting Italy. I fantasized about the rolling hills of Tuscany, the canals of Venice and the history of Rome. I recently discovered an old bucket list on a scrap of paper from years ago and “spend at least one month in Italy” was listed as number two. Thankfully, I have […]

j. nambowa

The Kentucky Bucket List

‘What exactly is there to do besides bourbon and barbeque in Kentucky?’ is the question that I continuously received prior to my visit, and quite honestly, I wasn’t so sure. Kentucky was never a place I had on my short list to visit, but once I got there, I was just as eager to make the […]

Erin Douglas

Artful Dakar

When you touch down in a city that truly appreciates art, you feel it immediately. It manifests in the way its citizen’s dress and carry themselves. It informs the conversations they have and recommendations they give. Dakar is exactly this city. As Senegal’s capital, Dakar is better known for its music and its tropical beauty, […]

Wanderlust Simply

European Summer Escape on a Budget

Your eyes wide and bulging, darting left and right, you attempt to take in the magnificence of the ancient architecture and the tingling sensation as your palate comes alive from unknown and exotic flavors. You see sunsets in hues you’ve only ever seen in boxes of crayons and your heart is full, bursting from adventure […]

Travel Noire

Matera: Italy’s Hidden Gem

It’s the unwritten rule of travel in Italy and the piece of advice you’ll find in every travel book: if you’re visiting Italy, then you must go to the ‘Big Three’: Rome, Florence and Venice. I completely agree. However, it would be a shame to limit your time in Italy to just the big 3 […]

Cynthia Andrew

5 Reasons to Skip Paris and Head to Montreal

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.” While I love Paris and agree with this quote, I also think that Montreal is always a good idea. Maybe even a better idea than Paris. Why would I compare the two? Well, when one thinks of Paris, they often think of the romance of […]

Tausha Cowan