Savoring Singapore’s Melting Pot

Singapore is the type of place where it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a Mosque, a Buddhist temple and a Hindu house of worship, all within one block. This varied cultural and religious presence is rooted in the city’s origins, going back to when the British colonized the city-state and established it as a flourishing […]

Glynn Pogue

Singapore in 24 Hours

I knew little about Singapore, a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia, before taking off to spend a couple of days there with a friend who I worked under as a budding writer in Washington, DC. He moved there from the nation’s capital a year ago and pens articles about the highly urbanized […]

Glynn Pogue

Overcoming Hiccups in Your Trip

Traveling is an exciting and memorable time when you have the chance to do it. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you finally book that trip. How you’re always aware of the calendar date as you’ve been counting down till you leave for your trip since you hit the purchase […]

Erin Douglas

Eating your Veggies in Bali, Indonesia

Only about 1 percent of the US population follows a vegan diet of no meat, eggs or dairy products, but if you spend any time in Bali, eating vegan isn’t restrictive, it’s delicious! Spicy sauces and a myriad of flavors, all with a distinct organic twist, grace the plate in Bali, where there are salads […]

Glynn Pogue

Shine On: In Search of Cambodia’s Blessed Waist Beads

I’m from Brooklyn, and I know bling, so it didn’t take me long to spot the shimmer peeking out from around the waists of the Khmer people in my small, Cambodian village–my coffee lady, taxi driver, fruit vendor, phone card salesman, they all had a string of beautiful beads fastened to their waists. I wanted […]

Glynn Pogue

Where to Ball in Bali

I should start this article with full disclosure: I have watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts at least 10 times. I’m especially smitten with the scene where Julia meets Javier Bardem at that sultry, sunset beach party in Bali, Indonesia–pure magic. I booked my flight to the “Island of the Gods” with […]

Glynn Pogue

Backpacking Through Southeast Asia

My friend Brianna is undoubtedly the most well-traveled 22 year-old I know. With a summer in Greece and study abroad experiences in Spain and Argentina under her belt, it came as no surprise to me when she announced she would be spending two months backpacking through Southeast Asia. Everything is low-priced, so traveling through Southeast Asia […]

Laura Hopkins

A Lesson in Chinese Fashion

Going abroad and visiting other countries opens up a world you may have never imagined. You get to try new and exotic foods, meet kind new people, ride in strange vehicles and even walk hundreds of miles while reveling in the beauty of another country. What if I told you those are not the only perks […]

Fedorah Philippeaux

Ho Chi Minh City in 24 Hours

Ho Chi Minh, or as the locals say, Saigon, is such a dynamic city. Streams of motorcycles, french colonial architecture, cheap eats, and local chit chat at the Chill Bar will surely enhance your Vietnamese experience to new levels. Normally, I try to think of ways to turn an ordinary activity into something exciting that’s […]

Nate Chambers

Experience Local Food In Vietnam

One of the most incredible ways to experience a new city is through the local food.  So naturally, during my most recent travels through Southeast Asia, I found myself eating my way through the beautiful cities of Vietnam.  My trip began in the wonderful city of Hanoi, more specifically at Highway 4 Restaurant.  Highway 4 […]

Travel Noire

Teaching ESL Abroad: An Awesome Job?

For two years I taught ESL in South Korea, in Seoul, where it is very common to run into someone working as an ESL teacher. I got so used to meeting people who teach ESL that on one occasion I mistook a Boeing Korea executive for an ESL teacher. Even as someone who consciously tries […]

Travel Noire

A Rare Glimpse of Paradise: Boracay Island, Philippines

When it comes to holiday getaways, for recuperating and rebalancing your mindset, one place comes to mind, and for obvious reasons too — Boracay Island! Boracay is a tiny island located south of the country’s capital, Manila.  Only 7km long, Boracay has managed to boast one of the best beaches around the world, creating an […]

Nate Chambers

Black Girl. Long Sari.

Ladies, if you’ve never experienced the joy of wearing a sari, you’re missing out.  Big time.  Growing up in Queens, I appreciated the unique style in ethnic diversity.  East Indian saris fascinated me the most.  The vivid colors, shimmering accents and exquisite fabrics were simply incredible.  Each piece masterfully accented a woman’s curves in a […]


Life in Korea

As I returned home from a long day of teaching and program planning (as well as a short sit at my favorite coffee shop not too far from my apartment) the moment came that always comes when entering a home in South Korea: The moment when we take our shoes off before stepping inside. And, […]

Travel Noire

India’s Culture of Enlightenment

Let me tell y’all about the time I went to India and got slapped clean across the face by a little something called enlightenment. While it happened about a year ago, the sting is still fresh. India is pretty hard to describe. Her rich culture, vibrant colors, and intoxicating spices are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. […]