Rae Canti is a 27-year-old, Atlanta based serial beauty entrepreneur, holistic wellness expert, and owner of Nu Beauty & Co. A master cosmetologist, Rae began her career as a well-known hairstylist and owner of Salon XXIV.

During the COVID-29 pandemic, Rae fully established her holistic wellness brand, Nu Beauty & Co. It all started with her holistic self-love journey, which began in 2018.

“This journey officially began after a breakup. At that point I felt fed up and was tired of being taken advantage of, so I began to look inward for all the answers I was searching for in external validation.”

Courtesy of Nu Beauty & Co.

Rae adopted several new practices which had a tremendous impact on her life. She began fasting and consuming a vegan diet, as well as engaging in the practices of meditation and yoga. The effects of her new lifestyle soon became obvious.

“My diet change has increased my energy levels and drastically improved my monthly cycle. I no longer dread that time of the month. It’s ten times better than I’ve ever experienced. Fasting has increased my level of discipline and grown my patience.”

“Meditation has allowed me to be present throughout my day and be in tune with my emotions, and not controlled by them. Lastly, yoga has improved my posture alignment. Paired with my diet change, it has also helped to regulate my digestive system.”

Courtesy of Nu Beauty & Co.

In search of an all-natural supplement that would provide her with the nutrients and minerals to get her through her long and busy days as a hairstylist and salon owner, Rae discovered sea moss. After six months of studying and utilizing various holistic tools and practices improving her health and physical and mental well-being, Rae started Nu Beauty & Co. and began selling her first product.

Nu Life Sea Moss Gel was a hit among her clients, family, and friends, who used the gel as part of their hair care, skin care, and internal healing regimens. Towards the end of 2019, Rae was in a traumatic car accident that forced her to stop hairstyling.

“After experiencing my car accident, I was devastated. I could no longer take any hair clients, which at the time, was my only source of income. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with my monthly expenses and I feared losing everything. However, I had nothing but time to figure it out because I was forced to be still.” 

Courtesy of Nu Beauty & Co.

In February 2020, she went to Costa Rica to visit her boyfriend, relax, and recover peacefully. But after being in Costa Rica for 20 days, the country began to lock down and made plans to close their airport due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That gave me two weeks to travel before the airport would close. I decided to stay there and quarantine in Costa Rica. But I ended up enjoying being there so much, that once the restrictions were lifted I decided to stay a little longer.”

What was originally a 30-day visit turned into a nine-month journey. During her stay in Costa Rica, Rae continued learning and educating herself on holistic wellness. She gained life-long connections and sources for additional products that would benefit people across the globe, and propel Nu Beauty & Co. to success.

Courtesy of Nu Beauty & Co.

“That trip was crucial to my development. It gave me time to be with myself free of judgment and without the urge to work. It gave me insight on how to grow crops organically and how to successfully manage two businesses from overseas.”

Nu Beauty & Co. reached its highest heights in 2020 during the pandemic, ultimately reaching six figures in sales. Rae was grateful she made the choice to launch her business six months before, because this allowed her to have numerous reviews and testimonials from customers who had benefited from using the products.

“My organic natural multivitamin became highly sought after at a time when customers were in an unsure space regarding COVID-19. And my sea moss had been proven to assist in strengthening the immune system at such a pivotal time.”

Courtesy of Nu Beauty & Co.

In fact, the Nu Life Sea Moss Gel is Nu Beauty & Co’s top-selling product. Harvested from a rock source located in the depths of the Caribbean Ocean to guarantee its full mineral content, it strengthens the immune system, while protecting the digestive, reproductive, and respiratory systems. The sea moss gel also removes mucus from the body and acts as an appetite suppressant.

“I love the sea moss gel so much. It’s my go-to for everything,” she said. “In addition to its internal uses, it can also be used in your hair and on your skin. Applying it to the face will exfoliate, tone, and hydrate the skin. Applying it to your hair adds luster, promotes growth, defines your curl pattern, and acts as a detangler.”

Nu Beauty & Co’s hand-crafted organic products also include yoni/womb teas, detox packages, and vitamins. A certified detoxification specialist and certified holistic nutritionist, Rae also offers meal planning services, as well as e-books and masterclasses.

Courtesy of Nu Beauty & Co.

Rae is now back in Atlanta helping beautify her clients externally and internally as she runs both Salon XXIV & Nu Beauty & Co. out of a dual-purpose space in Midtown Atlanta. She is looking forward to returning to Costa Rica this July, where she and her boyfriend will begin preparing their land for growing crops and herbs.

For more information on Nu Beauty & Co’s products, visit YourNuBeauty.com and follow @YourNuBeauty.

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