Cape Town Or Johannesburg? Where To Visit Based On Your Personality Type
Photo Credit: nicolamargaret | Getty Images

Photo Credit: nicolamargaret | Getty Images

Cape Town Or Johannesburg? Where To Visit Based On Your Personality Type

South Africa
Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Apr 8, 2019

It is an age-old debate: Cape Town or Johannesburg? Our recommendation? Visit both. But if you must choose, here are some suggestions to help you settle on your next South African adventure.

Best Surfing and Beaches for the Mellow Traveler

If you are searching for pristine coastlines and epic waves, Cape Town certainly beats out Joburg. To name just a few, Llandudno beach, Clifton Beaches, and Boulders Beach offer some of the best options in the city for sun bathing, surfing, people watching, and swimming. With crystal clear waters and rugged, rocky backdrops, Cape Town is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Verdict: Cape Town

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Best Wildlife for the Adventure Seeker

Cape Town’s natural beauty is unparalleled. A compilation of breathtaking beaches and majestic mountains, this city is a nature-lovers paradise. Newlands Forest, Cecilia Forest, and Table Mountain National Park have some of the best hiking trails around and the breathtaking views from the top are certainly worth the effort.

Verdict: Cape Town

Best Nightlife for the Partier

During the high-season, people come from all over the world to experience Cape Town’s thriving nightlife scene. You can expect to hear the full gamut of musical genres from disco, house, hip-hop, and many others. There is a club to satisfy every taste. The best areas to check out are Woodstock, Long Street, Bree Street, Camps Bay, and the City Center.

Verdict: Cape Town

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Best Museums and Art Scene for the Culture Junkie

With 27 museums in Joburg and 49 museums in Cape Town, it may seem like Cape Town would win this category based on sheer numbers. However, Joburg is home to some of the most significant, historical museums in the world including The Apartheid Museum, Hillbrow Tower, and Constitution Hill. Johannesburg is also the scene of many urban renewal projects in precincts like Maboneng and Newtown. Head to Newtown to also experience the Museum Africa, The Market theatre, Mary Fitzgerald Square, and the Turbine Hall which hosts the Turbine Hall Art Fair event.

Verdict: Johannesburg

Best Restaurants for the Foodie

This one is just too close to call. Cape Town can boast having one of their restaurants on The World’s Best Restaurants list with The Test Kitchen coming in at number 50. However, that does not discount the variety and multitude of excellent eateries in Joburg. True foodies will eat well and leave happy in either city and may be most satisfied with visiting and eating their way through both. 

Verdict: Tie!

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