Stay At This Candy-Themed Vacation Home For A Sweet Escape in Florida
Photo Credit: Photo by from Pexels

Photo Credit: Photo by from Pexels

Stay At This Candy-Themed Vacation Home For A Sweet Escape in Florida

Rachel George
Rachel George Jul 18, 2019

Escape to the sweetest mansion in the world at this five-acre private estate in Clermont. It’s been viewed at least 388 times in the last week. The Sweet Escape in Mount Dora, FL is more than just a vacation rental property, it’s a candy lover’s dream destination. Travel and Leisure called it “more magical than Walt Disney World,” so it’s safe to say it’s pretty spectacular.

The home features 10 themed bedrooms, chocolate movie theaters, a 1200-square-foot nightclub, and an ice cream cone-shaped pool which illuminates at night.

If I imagined me and my family living together in one big house, it would have to look like this. The 8,400 square foot estate sleeps up to 52 people, great for large families or group trips. It has every exciting outdoor activity you could possibly think of. It’s a great place to rent for a birthday party, family reunion, couples trips, or any other occasion.

Laser tag, a ball pit, two video arcades, dozens of board games, a giant human CandyLand board, multiple video game consoles, and more make for non-stop entertainment.

Groups will love other outdoor activities like a tetherball, volleyball, Smores Camp Fire Pit, and the Bazooka Bubble Gum Lounge playroom.

Bubble Gum Lounge

They spared no expense for each creatively themed bedroom. Jump from your bunkbed right into the ball pit in the Lollipop Room. The Oreo and Milk room is one of the most detailed yet simple rooms: with Oreo drink coasters, ‘double stuffed’ pillows and a dry erase Oreo board to document the ways you eat Oreos.

Oreo and Milk Bedroom

The Carnival Suite gives off a romantic vibe with clouds of cotton candy along the ceiling and walls.  The room features traditional carnival games like Spill the Milk and Tip The Troll, a popcorn stand, and a large tub in the en-suite bathroom.

Carnival Suite
Carnival Suite

The CandyLand game is everywhere. The mini-golf course sits right in the middle of the giant board game with themed holes.

Sugar Mania golf course

Checkout the CandyLand wallpaper on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom. Other decorated bathrooms feature a jar of skittles, cupcake signs, and a “Smile if you flossed today!” Tooth sign in the dental hygiene room.

CandyLand Bathroom

Cereal Killer is the smaller of the two kitchens and features a mural of your characters from the front of your favorite cereal boxes — Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, The Bee Mascot, Captain Crunch along with Snap, Crackle, and Pop. The Candy Around the World Hallway offers exotic candies and treats from countries all over the world.

Handle this pad with care so that you don’t end up paying the $15,000 damage fee.

Non-refundable tours are available for $265, and in the event you actually book your stay at the Sweet Escape mansion, $200 of that fee will be applied towards your deposit. An experience like this doesn’t come cheap, however. This sweet escape rents on for an average price of $1,333 a night.

If you’re up for the challenge, answer riddles about the house during the candy history trivia/scavenger hunt to win a free night’s stay. Visit their Facebook page for special discounts and open availabilities.

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