California Attraction ‘Daffodil Hill’ Closing Indefinitely Due To Overtourism
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Daffodil Hill

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Daffodil Hill

California Attraction ‘Daffodil Hill’ Closing Indefinitely Due To Overtourism

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 22, 2019

McLaughlin’s Daffodil Hill, located in Sacramento, is widely known for the acres of beautiful yellow and white flowers that fill the land

That beauty, however, will no longer be witnessed up close.

The Ryan family, who manages the property, said Daffodil Hill is closing indefinitely due to unexpected popularity on social media, as reported on CNN.

Photo courtesy of Daffodil Hill

This decision is the most difficult that we, as a family, have ever made,” a statement from the family posted on Facebook reads.

The family added, “after the crush of visitors that descended upon our Hill this year, we came to realize that the limitation on the size of our parking areas and the inability of the local road infrastructure to handle the volume, created liability and safety concerns for everyone involved.”

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During Daffodil Hill’s opening weekend this past year, the family stated that the local road system to the property became so congested that the wait just to get to the parking area climbed to two hours. As a result, visitors chose to park their vehicles along the side of the roads and through traffic to get to the hill,

“We have carefully examined numerous potential remedies to reduce traffic and visitors to try and keep the Hill open, including shuttles and reservations for attendance. However, in the end, we reached the same conclusion that the narrows roads and the Hill property infrastructure cannot be changed.”

Daffodil Hill is another example of the negative impact social media can have on a destination. 

Recently,  Amsterdam officials are investigating a possible ban on holiday rentals in some areas throughout the city to combat overcrowding in certain neighborhoods due to tourism.

In Indonesia, authorities have made a decision to close Komodo Island, home to the Komodo dragon, after more than 40 Komodo dragons were sold abroad.

Rome City’s Council decided to crack down on unruly tourists and overtourism, by passing laws that ban drinking on the streets, organized bar crawls, and bathing in the city’s fountains.

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