Here's Why Budapest Should Be On Your Travel List
Photo Credit: Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

Photo Credit: Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

Here's Why Budapest Should Be On Your Travel List

Hungary , Budapest , Hungary
DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Oct 21, 2019

Budapest, Hungary is probably not the first place that comes to mind when planning a trip to Europe. But, we are here to possibly change your mind.

Will Smith gave this city some major attention when he set out to do Drake’s Shiggy Challenge on top of the Szechenyi chain bridge in Budapest. It is now one of the main attractions for the Hungarian city, but there is so much more to this destination.

You can shop til you drop, eat until you pop, and even get in some major self-care while there. Basically what we’re trying to say is don’t sleep on Budapest.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

The views

Everywhere you turn in Budapest, there are amazing buildings and structures that look like something you would only see on television. The city has a very historical feel to it, although it is very modern. Many of the buildings are made of stone and are massive once you get up close them.

If you happen to catch a glimpse of The Parliament building, you will see what we mean. This building makes most castles look like shacks. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s one of the more famous buildings that you see in photos of Budapest, especially at night.

One of the most amazing viewpoints is from the Budapest castle. This structure sits high above the city and gives one of the most amazing backdrops you will find.

You will have to do some stair climbing to reach it, but once up there you will quickly see that it was worth it. The best time to take in this view is near sunset. You can see the sun go down over the red roofs of many of the buildings, with the city’s bridges in view as well.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

The thermal spas

One of Budapest’s best kept secrets, are its thermal spas aka baths. If you have ever experienced a Korean bathhouse, these are similar but a lot larger in size. There are two main bath houses in the area, the Gellert baths and the Szechenyi baths.

The most popular one for millennials is the Szechenyi Baths. It has multiple outdoor pools heated to different temperatures with a super cute yellow bathhouse as your background. There are a few indoor pools too. Depending on when you go, you can likely catch one of the weekend parties at the Szechenyi Baths.

The Gellert baths are located in the beautiful Gellert hotel and is said to be the most elegant baths in the country.

It will cost you around $20 to enter either spa.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

The food

Hungary has some very unique food, but it is also very delicious. If you aren’t big on carbs, then you may be a little disappointed. If you don’t mind them you will find this to be a foodie’s paradise.

One of the major spices of this region is paprika and a lot of the stews and even sausages are made with it.

A few of the staple Hungarian dishes are the sausages which normally comes with a side of mustard, the chimney cake which is a dessert made of cooked dough shaped like a chimney and then rolled in different toppings, and the goulash soup which is made from meat, veggies, and of course paprika.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

An honorable mention goes to langos. This is the region’s take on a pizza except the base is sour cream and then it is usually topped with cheese and then some type of meat. It may sound weird, but trust us it just works well together. Don’t knock it until you try it.

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