Buckingham Palace Issues Statement About Ailing Health Of Queen Elizabeth II
Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt

Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt

Buckingham Palace Issues Statement About Ailing Health Of Queen Elizabeth II

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Sep 8, 2022

Buckingham Palace issued a statement today regarding Queen Elizabeth II.

“Following further evaluation this morning, the Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision. The Queen remains comfortable at Balmoral.”

At 96 years-old, Elizabeth II holds the record as the longest reigning monarch in British History. She’s been on the throne for 70 years. She surpassed her great-great-grandmother Victoria, who ruled for 63 years. To go back even further, Elizabeth I managed 45 years, impressive considering the high mortality rate of her era.

Wherever one stands on the monarchy, there’s no question that Elizabeth II is a beloved public figure. She married Philip Mountbatten in 1947 and ascended the throne in 1952.

Several of the British royals have traveled to Balmoral in Scotland to be with the ailing Queen. She’s mother to four children, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne. Arguably her most famous grandchildren, William and Harry, are also said to be in attendance with their spouses.

Just days ago, the Queen welcomed the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, at Balmoral. According to CNN, “that meeting would typically have taken place at London’s Buckingham Palace. But the monarch has significantly reduced her duties and travel in recent months as she suffered with mobility issues.”

In photos taken during that meeting, the Queen appeared to be in good spirits. But she was noticeably frail and carrying a cane.

On Twitter, Stig Abell explained why many in the UK are shaken by the troubling news: “whatever your politics or beliefs, one certainty in British life for decades has been the beneficent existence of the Queen. Most of us have never known any other reality. That is why you feel the news in your gut because she stands for something so much more than herself.”

This is a developing story.

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