Bruce’s Beach Returned To Black Owners After Being Taken Away Nearly 100 Years Ago
Photo Credit: Bruce Beach Instagram Account

Photo Credit: Bruce Beach Instagram Account

Bruce’s Beach Returned To Black Owners After Being Taken Away Nearly 100 Years Ago

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Oct 6, 2021

Over a century ago, the Bruce family came to Manhattan Beach to build a legacy for their Black family, specifically longevity in financial stability and steering away from the racist nature of the United States. For over a decade, the Bruce’s Beach Resort thrived and welcomed other Black families and travelers seeking refuge and a nice vacation on the West Coast.

In 1924, Bruce’s Beach Resort was taken from the family by the local government in Manhattan Beach at the time, and now those rights are finally being restored. California Gov. Gavin Newsom is returning some of that land back to the descendants of the late couple who formed this beach sanctuary.


The bill outlines that the original plot of land that was purchased by Willa and Charles Bruce will be donated back, and the state government acknowledged the Jim Crow era and prejudices that ran the Bruce family out of their very lucrative business.

“The property was given back to Los Angeles County in 1995 and the many instances of KKK and local harassment by white visitors forced the original Black owners out of their plot of land. I want to apologize to the Bruce family for the injustice that was done to them,” Gov. Newsom stated, according to NBC Los Angeles.

This transfer of land is supposed to make up for the abuse of power that the older mayor committed towards Willa and Charles Bruce. The historical records that were preserved showed that white locals were complaining about the Black patrons who would often come through the popular Bruce’s Beach Resort.

Newsome further commented on the signing of this bill: “We haven’t always had a proud past.”

The Bruce’s Beach Bill was filed on September 30th and was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom that Thursday to rectify the horrific past that devastates a Black family’s financial welfare. The intention behind the Bruce’s Beach Resort was to provide a safer space for Black families to experience the beach when segregation prevented this community from taking advantage of public spaces and beachfront property. In the early 1900s, Manhattan beach responded by stealing the property from the Bruce family and turned their beach site into a public park.

After nearly a century of the property being taken from the family, Bruce’s Beach is going to be returned to the rightful Black descendants who were robbed of their relative’s successes.

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