Britain Opened Its First Popeyes Location And The Lines Are Out The Door
Photo Credit: ERIC BARADAT

Photo Credit: ERIC BARADAT

Britain Opened Its First Popeyes Location And The Lines Are Out The Door

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Nov 23, 2021

A food court in the Westfield mall in East London was packed while eager Londoners waited for the first Popeyes in Britain to open last Saturday.

The fast-food restaurant went from having a few storefronts in the South to exploding into a multimillion-dollar business. Now, Popeyes has global demand, with people in London using the Tube from far-out districts to get a bite out of the establishment’s juicy chicken and buttery biscuits. Even though, England uses “biscuits” as a term to describe cookies, while the right term is “scones” in the country.

“It looks like a scone, but it isn’t,” Londoner Victoria Ubochi told the NY Times.

There was some hesitation on Popeyes end to include the American terminology for biscuits in the British location. Tom Crowley, who is the chief executive of the Popeyes brand in the United Kingdom, was determined to keep biscuits the same because the side dish has is an American staple, especially in the South.

“All that heritage plays well,” Tom Crowley explains. “The U.K., in our view, actually appreciates that great fried chicken is going to come out of Southern U.S.”

Popeyes launched in the early 1970s and has become an American fast-food brand that has taken over all the United States. Lines were out the door when Popeyes first launched their fried chicken sandwiches, which, at first, were extremely hard to come by because they were completely sold out at most U.S. locations. Other competitors that are currently based in London are KFC and, formerly, Chick-fil-A.

Now, Britain gets a true taste of American fast-food cuisine that has comfortably brought joy to many Black households.

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