Breaking Borders & Barriers: Meet Sam Desalu
Photo Credit: © Travel Noire

Photo Credit: © Travel Noire

Breaking Borders & Barriers: Meet Sam Desalu

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Travel Noire Oct 9, 2018

In the latest episode of our Breaking Borders & Barriers series, meet social entrepreneur Sam Desalu.


Sam owns several business, including a restaurant, a skincare line, and a few Airbnbs. For him, the decision to move abroad and showcase the beauty of Africa wasn’t a tough one. In fact, it’s something he’d prepared for his entire life.


“I’m a very spiritual person,” Sam says. “So I pray. I’ve always followed my heart. I’ve always listened to God like ‘this is what you need to do.’ That’s the ultimate barrier breaker right there — just following your heart.”



Want more Sam? Follow him on Instagram: @SamDesalu

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