Breaking Borders & Barriers: Meet Francesca Murray
Photo Credit: © Travel Noire

Photo Credit: © Travel Noire

Breaking Borders & Barriers: Meet Francesca Murray

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Travel Noire Oct 2, 2018

In this episode of Breaking Borders & Barriers, travel journalist Francesca Murray (the brains behind One Girl: One World), discusses the impact travel has had on her life and how she finds the courage to do the things she’s afraid to do. 


“A lot of people tell me that they see me as fearless and confident, but I would definitely say that’s not always true,” Francesca says. “Sometimes you just have to go for it anyway. That’s always kind of been one of my mottos, to just go for it. That’s always interesting to hear people say I’m a fearless type of person, ’cause I’m a huge overthinker and not super spontaneous.”


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Francesca attributes her courage and curiosity to visiting her family in Honduras growing up, where she realized that even though there were cultural differences, there was an unspoken bond. Watch as she shares other insights into her life and work, as well as the mantra that inspires her to keep going.







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