American Airlines Flight Diverted After 13-Year-Old Boy Handcuffed For Disturbance
Photo Credit: Scott Olson

Photo Credit: Scott Olson

American Airlines Flight Diverted After 13-Year-Old Boy Handcuffed For Disturbance

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Aug 13, 2021

A 13-year-old-boy was the latest passenger on an American Airlines flight to be restrained because of his disruptive behavior. The teenage boy was on a flight from Maui to Los Angeles with his family, when pilots had to divert the plane to Honolulu, as CBS Los Angeles reported on August 11.

According to eye-witnesses, the boy attempted to kick out the window next to his seat and became physical with his own mother about an hour into the flight. Other passengers intervened. The teenager was then duct-taped, as shown in the video released by CBS Los Angeles.   

A male passenger on the American Airlines flight, who recorded most of the incident, told CBS he saw the teenager screaming, punching, and kicking the seats in front of him. He said he believes that the behavior was due to a developmental disability. The man did not want to be identified. 

“It was enough to make me concerned for my family. And actually, I feel bad for the airline because they have to be really delicate,” the passenger said.

The plane was diverted to Honolulu, where passengers were put on other flights or given hotel rooms.

American Airlines said flex cuffs were used to restrain the boy, and no duct tape was used. He was put in plastic handcuffs and escorted off the flight upon landing.

No arrests were made and no one was hurt.

Unruly passengers are becoming more frequent since flights were resumed after the ease of the pandemic.

In July, Travel Noire interviewed  Dr. Leo Flanagan, get his expert opinion on today’s flying climate.  Dr. Flanagan credited the eagerness for many to get back on a plane to see loved ones, or even to vacation— for the first time in over a year— as a trigger of anxiety. Simply going through an airport and the process of getting onto your flight safely, can be frustrating and ultimately perceived as a threat for some.

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