What To Look For When Booking A Hotel During COVID-19
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

What To Look For When Booking A Hotel During COVID-19

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Sep 2, 2020

If you find yourself on the move in the next few months, you may be concerned about the health and safety efforts of hotels and lodging options during your travelers. Here are some tips on what to look out for when booking and arriving at your next hotel.

1. The Hotel’s Health and Safety Policies

Do your research and find out if your hotel has implemented additional health and safety measures in light of COVID-19.  All hotels should have increased sanitation efforts, but knowing what they’ve done to make your health a priority will provide some comfort. It may also be helpful to know the hotel’s policy for any guest who contracts COVID-19 during their stay.

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2. Rooms That Have Been Empty for a Few Days

When possible, request to stay in a room that has been unoccupied for at least two days.  With fewer people traveling right now, most hotels are not at capacity and should be able to accommodate your request. Putting a few extra days between your stay and the last guest will bring some peace of mind that most harmful germs may have been eliminated.

3. Clean Common Areas

The best advice is to avoid common areas in hotels as much as possible. But if you must venture to the gym, conference room, or café, check out the area to ensure the same sanitation practices they are implementing in the hotel rooms are also being enforced in these common areas. Keep an eye out for good ventilation, seating areas that are spaced apart, and guests wearing masks.

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4. Cancelation Fees

With so much uncertainty these days, hotels should be flexible on their cancelation policies and fees. Find out the hotel’s cancelation policy before you book your stay and if you are booking through a third-party service like hotels.com, make sure you know your options and who to contact should your travel needs change.  

5. Employees Wearing Masks

Masks have been a divisive issue during this pandemic, but knowing that hotel employees are all wearing masks ensures that the hotel is taking the proper measures to ensure the health and safety of their guests and staff.