Predicts Travel Trends For 2021
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of World View Travels

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of World View Travels Predicts Travel Trends For 2021

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Nov 11, 2020

This year has forever changed the way we do a lot of things, including travel. The days of gathering in large crowds, unmasked at the airport are long gone. The travel industry is currently learning to adapt to this new way of life and used research from over 20,000 travelers from 28 countries to come up with predictions for what travel will look like in the future

Travelers will more likely try to find promotions and deals before booking travel. predicts travelers to inquire more about the cancellation policies, trip insurance options and refund policies of travel booking platforms. 

One thing is for sure: wanderlust is at an all-time high. Travelers are more appreciative of the pre-COVID times and are eager to get out and see the world again. predicts that travelers will crave overseas travel more than ever.

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U.S. travel has risen during the pandemic due to international border closings. In the future, predicts that travelers will opt for destinations closer to home. In addition, cities will offer more tours to historic and cultural buildings and exhibits to entertain local travelers.

During the early stages of lockdown and the pandemic, many flocked to nature for an escape from reality. Travelers are predicted to keep the same energy and travel to destinations that offer lots of outdoor activities and time in nature. 

Another change that came as a result of COVID is the reliance we’ve had on technology and the rise of tools like Zoom and TikTok. Travelers are predicted to rely on technology to stay updated on COVID-19 statistics while traveling. 

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Working from home has been widely embraced this year and it’s predicted that travelers will be going on “workcations” more than ever before. Since WiFi and a laptop are necessities when working from home, many people are eager to take their talents to a new destination. 

What travel trends do you predict to be on the rise post-COVID?

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