Sleep In A Blue Agave Field & Drink Tequila From The Source At This Mexican Hotel
Photo Credit: Bill Ling | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Bill Ling | Getty Images

Sleep In A Blue Agave Field & Drink Tequila From The Source At This Mexican Hotel

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Sep 15, 2020

Tequila-lovers rejoice! The hotel of your dreams is here. Matices, Hotel de Barricas is a boutique hotel located within a distillery just outside the Mexican town of Tequila.

The hotel offers its guests the opportunity to stay in tequila barrel-shaped rooms while surrounded by a field of blue agave, the plant used in the production of the drink.

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According to the hotel’s website, the concept “joins the alchemy of tequila with human senses, inviting you to go through the same path as an experimented tequila.”

Although the accommodations may sound simple, the 30 barrel-shaped rooms don’t skimp on the comfort and amenities. You will find everything you need including TV, air conditioning, bathrobes, mini bar, and even a private Jacuzzi in the higher-end Extra Aged barrel room.

The property sits on a tequila distillery that produces 15,000 liters of tequila per day. You can experience the process up close and personal with a guided tour and tasting, all arranged by the hotel. There is also an onsite museum to learn more about the history of the town and the tequila-making process, and 15 feet below the ground is an elegant cave restaurant that serves traditional Mexican dishes along with a variety of tequila-based cocktails. The history of this underground gem is that tequila producers secretly distilled and sold the drink during the latter part of the Spanish rule when its production was banned.

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It won’t cost you too much to live out your tequila fantasies. Prices for the standard Silver King rooms and the Aged King barrel rooms begin around $180 a night, or pay a little extra for the luxurious Extra Aged barrel room for around $200 a night.


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