Inside BlackTravelGram's Black Yacht Experience In Tulum
Photo Credit: BlackTravelGram

Photo Credit: BlackTravelGram

Inside BlackTravelGram's Black Yacht Experience In Tulum

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Jun 7, 2021

BlackTravelGram is the company behind the Black Yacht Experience, deemed as some of the best yacht parties on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Established in 2018 by husband and wife duo De’Aaron and Ashley, the brand was created to showcase Black travelers.

BlackTravelGram also hosts group trips and provides private yacht and catamaran charters for any occasion. Their weekend yacht parties, however, are not to be missed.

Setting sail from Puerto Aventuras Marina in Tulum, these ultra lit floating parties on the Caribbean Sea include an open bar featuring top-shelf liquors. A delicious lunch is served, which includes foods such as fish, shrimp ceviche, grilled cheeseburgers, surf and turf, and guacamole. And nonstop music keeps the party going.

Courtesy of BlackTravelGram

“Our music playlist is updated weekly and contains songs ranging from hip-hop to Afrobeats to soca. The boat always seems to set its own vibe, so we feed off the energy of the passengers. They can put in special requests and we are happy to go with the flow. We also have a guest host that always keeps the party jumping from the time we leave the dock until we return.” 

When the water conditions are good, the yacht sails to a great snorkeling spot to check out the reef and its beautiful tropical fish. The yacht parties are open for everyone to enjoy, and bring in extremely diverse groups of travelers. From doctors and nurses, to teachers and family groups, people of all walks of life gather to enjoy the Black Yacht Experience.

Courtesy of BlackTravelGram

The idea for the popular yacht parties spawned from a conversation between BlackTravelGram’s very first group of travelers.

“In December 2020,” says DeAaron, “we had a BTG group trip to Tulum. The original itinerary did not include a yacht. One of the travelers was very interested in doing a yacht party, but we couldn’t find any available that weekend. So, we reached out to a local company to get details about having our own party that weekend.”

“I went to the marina to take a good look at the boat options they had to make sure I could find something that would be adequate for our good-sized group. The meeting at the marina went great. We had a deep discussion about the community we were representing and they were more than happy to work with us to make it all happen.”

Courtesy of BlackTravelGram

After the meeting, BTG put word out on their Instagram page to see what type of interest they would garner. The response was overwhelming. Before the end of the week, they had enough sign-ups to run two yachts.

BTG now partners with the company that made it possible. They charter private yachts daily and, with partnership agreements for thirty yachts from Cancun to Tulum, are one of the top reseller companies in all of Riviera Maya

Interested in attending the Black Yacht Experience? The price is $139 per person, and you can book your spot at Dates are also posted on @BlackTravelGram so follow to stay up to date.

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