Black Travel Influencer Documents His Long-Term Quarantine In Ghana In New Book
Photo Credit: Rashad McCrorey

Photo Credit: Rashad McCrorey

Black Travel Influencer Documents His Long-Term Quarantine In Ghana In New Book

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 25, 2021

Black travel influencer, Rashad McCrorey, has turned his long-term quarantine into a book titled, Stuck in Africa.

McCrorey was in Ghana for business in March 2020 during the onset of the pandemic. He found himself stuck in Ghana after countries around the world began shutting down their borders.

McCrorey decided to stay in Ghana instead of returning to New York at a time when the state became the epicenter for the virus, as previously reported by us.

More than a year and a half later, McCrorey is sharing his story with the world in his new book.

“My book is based upon my real-life story of being in Ghana during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he told Travel Noire. “The book was originally written as a screenplay and I rewrote the screenplay as a book.” 

His book will take you on a journey with its twists and turns, but what readers will love the most is how he pays homage to Ghana and the local businesses.

‘Every place that I visit and mention in the book is a real restaurant, hotel, or place that people can actually visit,” he said. “In the book, if Rashad says, ‘I’m at One Africa Health Resort,’ that’s a real place. If the character in the book says he is at ‘Sahara’s Pub and Restaurant in Cape Coast,’ then you can go there also. You really do get a taste of the traditions and culture here, as Rashad is learning on the fly.”

The Black travel influencer, who is no stranger to the Motherland, is known for helping African Americans reconnect with their African roots by coordinating life-changing trips to several countries in Africa through his company Africa Cross-Culture.  

As for what’s next, McCrorey is in no rush to return to his former home in Harlem and is already in the process of writing his second book, “The 10 Expat Commandments” to help other people make the move to Africa.

To learn more about his experience, purchase his book Stuck in Africa here. You can also his adventures on social media here.

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