Black TikToker Catches Racist White Woman Texting About Her On Flight
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Black TikToker Catches Racist White Woman Texting About Her On Flight

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Aug 8, 2022

In the latest news of viral TikTok videos, a racist white woman texting about a Black woman has shocked and offended users. Riah Elese (@riahelese) shared a short TikTok video where she recorded the woman sending a racist text to her family.

The text, which is visible in Elese’s TikTok video reads: “Landed. Just got whipped with some NASTY dreads/corn rows of a COON getting her luggage. They have no respect. Patience. Cattle for sure. I’m OUT.” The video, which has 1.9M views on TikTok outraged many; the use of the word ‘coon’ in all caps was especially triggering and offensive.

The text came about after Elese accidentally hit the woman with her braids. She mentioned that she apologized twice. While de-boarding the plane, Elese noticed the woman sending the racist text.

Racist white woman texting blasted on TikTok

Elese did not confront the woman after noticing the text. She revealed on TikTok that she found it strange that the woman proceeded to send such a derogatory text even after dismissing the accident. She even went as far as to tell Elese “Don’t worry about it,” and proceeded to express her racist thoughts privately.

One TikTok user suggested that they “Would’ve read it out loud,” which 25.7K users liked and agreed with. Others suggested that the TikToker infringed upon the Karen’s privacy and that she shouldn’t have shared it online.

Many others offered kind words and apologies that Elese experienced this to begin with. In a follow-up video, Elese explains the entire situation and how the text even came about. One user shared a response that many resonated with: “That woman def uses that type of language often and whoever she’s sending it to probably does as well. I’m so sorry this happened.”

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