Happy Ice: Black-Owned Vegan Ice Cream Shop Opens First Storefront In Los Angeles
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Happy Ice: Black-Owned Vegan Ice Cream Shop Opens First Storefront In Los Angeles

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 1, 2020

Happy Ice was founded as a food truck in 2017 by Philadelphia-native Lemeir Mitchell. Mitchell, who was inspired by Los Angeles’ food truck culture, was inspired to bring a taste from Philly to LA in the form of a premium ice treat.

His concept gained popularity fast for its eye-catching, vegan-friendly, frozen treats.

Mitchell managed to catch the attention of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Post Malone. His company also attracted investor Ted Foxman, which led to a nearly $1 million investment that allowed Mitchell to expand its truck fleet and kick-started the opening of this new brick-and-mortar just three years later.

Happy Ice Los Angeles

“So many different races bring a piece of their hometown to Los Angeles, and that is what sparked my idea for creating Happy Ice. I didn’t create Happy Ice just for business reasons, I created Happy Ice because I was a consumer myself,” Mitchell told Veg World Magazine in an interview. “I missed being able to get water ice with my friends, laughing, and catching up while eating it. So, I decided to create that experience in LA for myself and to share it with everyone else. Happiness is universal – there’s a word for it in every language. I want help to create that feeling for people worldwide, so the name Happy Ice fits perfectly. I want Happy Ice to be a symbol of unity and a better future – our vision is for this shop to be a place of peace, happiness, and laughter.  We aren’t just out here to sell a product, we are delivering happiness in a cup, and we are so excited to welcome Angelenos into our doors.”

He recently opened its first storefront location in Los Angeles at 7324 Melrose Avenue.


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