Where To Find Black-Owned Travel Gear For Kids
Photo Credit: Sai De Silva | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Sai De Silva | Unsplash

Where To Find Black-Owned Travel Gear For Kids

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Jun 25, 2019

It’s always in style to support black-owned businesses. However, as a parent, it’s often difficult to find black-owned children’s lines. If you have kids who have an opinion about their style, shop these four online clothing and accessories lines that offer inspirational messages and dope designs while supporting the highly-melanated population. 

KaAn’s Designs

This family-run online store features children’s tees, hoodies, jackets, and more featuring cute and inspiring mantras. Your children are sure to get a few high-fives when rolling through the airport wearing any one of KaAn’s Designs. 

Photo via kaansdesigns.com

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Yinibini Baby

Soyini runs her online shop, Yinibini Baby,  from her office in Washington DC. Her line offers organic, sustainable, luxury baby products that you will certainly enjoy gifting to your little ones. Shop here for travel-useful swag like bandanas, burp cloths, and bibs with playful prints and tasteful colors. 

Photo via yinibinibaby.com

Chocolate Puddin Noodle Soup

From hair ties to bow ties, Chocolate Puddin Noodle Soup sells a range of unique, handmade kids’ accessories in playful colors and designs. This is the perfect shop if you are traveling for an upcoming wedding or other events that involve packing more than just t-shirts and jeans.

Photo via chocolatepuddinnoodlesoup.com

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CocoPie Clothing

Grab a backpack with a powerful message: to show black girls how beautiful they are by placing their awesomeness front and center on their products. As a family run apparel company, CocoPie Clothing understands how much representation matters and wants it to be normal for black girls to see images of themselves in a positive way, every day. 

Photo via cocopieclothing.com

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