In a world where fashion trends often circulate on a loop, Allen Huddleston, a former basketball standout at Fresno State, dared to disrupt the norm. Huddleston is the creator behind the distinctive Black-owned designer sneaker brand, Zepyure. Born out of his passion for both basketball and fashion, Zepyure is a brand that marries athletic influence with high-end craftsmanship, resulting in sneakers that are as unique as they are stylish.

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Photo credit: Zepyure

How The Sneaker Journey All Began

The genesis of Zepyure dates back to 2020. Allen Huddleston found himself pondering over the monotony of re-released sneakers by established brands. With an innate desire to create something novel, he channeled his creative energy into designing sneakers during his leisure time. While diving deeper into the art of sneaker design, Allen’s meticulous nature led him to immerse himself in the nuances that contribute to crafting distinctive footwear.

Handcrafted In Italy

Inspired by the time-honored traditions of hand craftsmanship, Allen embarked on a journey to Italy. The allure of using the finest quality leathers the market had to offer was irresistible. Through numerous trips, he sought to infuse his designs with the essence of Italian excellence. The result was an exquisite fusion of sport and style. His designs were not just shoes, but statements of individuality.

The process was not swift; it was one of dedication and patience. Allen tested and sampled his designs, ensuring that the marriage between his ideas and the Italian leathers was nothing short of perfection. After years of nurturing his creations, Zepyure emerged as a brand that embodied Allen’s vision of blending heritage, culture, and hospitality.

Photo credit: Zepyure


Zepyure is more than just a Black-owned sneaker brand; it’s a celebration of the human journey. Rooted in Allen’s personal experiences, the brand pays homage to his grandfather’s teachings and the traditions he inherited. Every pair of Zepyure sneakers carries within it a piece of this legacy.

What sets Zepyure apart is its commitment to pushing boundaries. The brand takes pride in its ability to champion the unconventional, the bold, and the refined. Whether it’s a casual outing or a formal event, Zepyure sneakers are designed to make a statement. Using only the highest quality materials, each pair of Zepyure sneakers isn’t just a product, but an experience of luxury.


Environmental responsibility is at the core of Zepyure’s ethos. To minimize waste and enhance exclusivity, the brand produces its sneakers in limited runs. This approach not only aligns with modern sustainability values but also adds an air of exclusivity to every Zepyure creation.

Although fashion can sometimes feel repetitive, Zepyure stands as a testament to the power of innovation, individuality, and dedication. Allen Huddleston’s journey from the basketball court to the design studio has resulted in a brand that redefines sneaker culture, one step at a time. With its rich blend of sport, style, and tradition, Zepyure is a symbol of creativity taking flight.