This Black-Owned Company Just Launched A Live, Virtual Travel Experience
Photo Credit: Crystal Bass | Founder and CEO of The Fly Travel Line

Photo Credit: Crystal Bass | Founder and CEO of The Fly Travel Line

This Black-Owned Company Just Launched A Live, Virtual Travel Experience

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 7, 2021

Crystal Bass is the founder and CEO of The Fly Travel Line— a travel company and accessory brand birthed to merge her love for words, fashion, and all things travel.

She’s been traveling the world for more than 30-years, but when the pandemic hit, she was forced to cancel five international vacations and three domestic trips.

“Travel is my absolute favorite pastime, but most importantly, it’s my therapy,” she told Travel Noire. “Not being able to travel has affected my mental health. I feel anxious, stressed and oftentimes I  find myself battling with depression.”

Crystal Bass | Founder and CEO of The Fly Travel Line

She tried satisfying her travel appetite by indulging in some virtual tours online, but they did not do the trick.

Instead of waiting on someone else to create the experience she longed for, she decided to take it upon her self. Bass has created a live virtual tour experience, with actual people on the ground, through her Sip and Social Series.


Travel Noire: What makes Sip and Social Sicily different than any other virtual travel experience out there? 

Crystal Bass: I decided to put a spin on the virtual tour, and make it live and interactive. I wanted an actual person on the ground in Sicily, to show me one of the places I had to cancel.

What sets this experience apart from the others is that our tour guide—Luca— will play live Sicilian music, show us around the city, host a Q & A session, provide us with a Sicilian wine and cheese list [to enjoy on tour], and teach us Italian hand gestures.

TN: Will this be a regular virtual series tour that you’re planning through the year? And if so, what other destinations do you have in mind?

Crystal Bass: Yes, this will be a regular event. Sip & Social in Sicily will take place Jan. 9, at 5 pm EST.

Next up is Budapest, Hungary on Jan. 23. We are currently negotiating tours in South Africa, London, Canada ( including where Drake grew up), Sacramento, and Bali. 

Travel Noire: Why do you think the Sip & Social virtual series is important for people to have?

Crystal Bass: Many people have expressed loneliness and isolation during the pandemic. Others are just excited to experience travel safely from the comfort of their homes. I’ve had people of all ages excited to participate. 

Through a meeting via Zoom, this experience allows our virtual travelers to interact with others. It’s great for solo travelers to meet new people, couples night, and fun for the whole family.

Travel Noire: What’s next for The Fly Travel Line? 

Crystal Bass: Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop for your journey. Currently, we offer premium t-shirts, couple’s tees, hoodies, and virtual tours. Soon, we will introduce our luggage and accessory collections.  We don’t want you to just travel, we want you to TRAVEL FLY! 

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